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Woman Rider Restoration Course

Do you know in your head what you want your body to do
but your body doesn't cooperate?

What if your body just knew what to do in the saddle in a span of just four weeks?

If you want that riding experience to be your riding experience, we've got something for you.

Even Stirrups©

Even Stirrups© is a quick online riding workshop to help you get even quicker evenly weighted stirrups while melting your arches & pains. Simultaneously.

HEELS Down Discovery

HEELS Down Discovery

With HEELS Down Discovery, you'll take what you created with Even Stirrups© and easily enhance your progress with an internal core balance that is not only incredibly powerful, but also agile and light.

4 Fundamentals To Ride With FEEL

In this workshop, you'll take what you created with Even Stirrups© workshop, and successfully upscale it to dramatically develop FEEL.

Learn how to hold the reins without tension, achieve a consistent feel on a loose rein or contact, and literally ride with FEEL.

Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program

Discover the missing link to balance, calm and fluidity! Most riders see balance, calm and fluidity as three separate entities… that balance is something you work for, calm is something you hope for and fluidity is something you wait for. Once inside this one-of-a-kind training, you’ll discover that not only are all three connected, but that they can be achieved with ease!

Flowing Rider Program

Bring head to toe flow into the saddle with you!  Do you ever feel old from stiff and creaky joints and muscles, and it takes the whole ride to loosen up if you do at all? Or discouraged because you feel that the years have taken their toll on you so elegant riding isn't possible for you? Once you begin this program you'll know what flowing riders have discovered, but do not know how to articulate or teach.  I’ve put together this program to unlock every problematic areas for riders, knees, ankles, neck....and guide you to a deep level of nuance and subtlety in your riding.  You will not get training like this anywhere else!

Square In The Saddle
In 7 Weeks

Do you know you’re crooked…?? Have you ever got in that saddle determined to stay square… you may even say to yourself, “This time I’m gonna stay centered! I’m gonna stay in the middle! I’m gonna stay put!” and it only lasts UNTIL… you think about something else and then *BAM* you’re crooked again. If so, this program is FOR YOU!

Did you know… relaxation is just a skill any rider can have, if she wants? Join me for this in-depth workshop to transform tense, imbalanced riding into relaxed, balanced riding. Now you can easily ride over any terrain, effortlessly enjoy any riding style and be the partner your horse looks to with trust!