Ready to enhance your Even Stirrups©

ride with heels down*?

*And by heels down I mean a balancing rhythm in sync with the horse’s motion

If so, I’ve got just the thing...

Enter: HEELS Down Discovery©

With HEELS Down Discovery©, you’ll take what you created with Even Stirrups© and easily enhance your progress with an internal core balance that is not only incredibly powerful, but also agile and light.

Inside, I’m sharing my simple system and easy-to-do ‘Ride With HEELS Down Discovery©’ movement lessons so that you can have heels that seek the ground, improve your posture, and literally apply heels down in all the gaits.

Get the rider training, riding session, and the know-how to dramatically enhance your Even Stirrups© ride for just $47

The HEELS Down Discovery© is ONLY for students of Even Stirrups©.

Get HEELS Down Discovery©today…

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No need to just keep your fingers crossed and hope you’ll see an improvement to your ‘heels down’ from your Even Stirrups©

With the Even Stirrups© training and step-by-step  ‘Ride With HEELS Down Discovery©’ lessons, your ‘heels down won’t feel like a ‘push and shove’ event...

Your Even Stirrups© 'heels down’ will be an investment (that majorly pays off)...

And with HEELS Down Discovery©, you’ll also be able to consistently experience ‘heels down’ so you & your horse can enjoy each moment of progress as you enhance your Even Stirrups© saddle time.


Riding with ‘Heels Down’ can be... 




and ineffective…

IF you don’t have a plan for the HEELS Down Discovery© down pat.

But it doesn't have to be that way…

Check out the HEELS DOWN DISCOVERY  system in action:

Get the rider training, the riding session, and
the know-how to dramatically enhance
your Even Stirrups

ride for just $47

The HEELS Down Discovery is ONLY
for students of Even Stirrups

And that's just a small part of HEELS Down Discovery©!

In addition to the riding session, we also cover:

How to reorganize your feet and your pelvis so your heels ‘seek’ the ground.

How to create this 1 originator of HEELS Down that quietly primes your entire posture for the next transition. You will never get this in a riding lesson.

How to focus on heels down as an action through your whole body, not just pushing and pressing isolated parts of yourself, in these ‘effective flow sequences’ for a balancing rhythm in sync with the horse’s motion

How to feel the dance between your metatarsals and your the ease evolves, the nuanced control you have over your horse’s movement evolves with it...for points, ribbons or just the sheer joy of it.

How to create a conversation between your heels and your sit bones so refined that while you may be uncertain of its power, your horse will not be as he finds balance and calm in this quiet.

If you're wanting to enhance your even stirrups and balancing rhythm with your horse, this is THE way to make that happen.

This isn't some generic riding training you could find on YouTube...

This is our specific, professional system we use to see quick & steady heels down skill building, day after day.

Imagine having the concepts, the know-how and the method for HEELS Down... just by participating in one low-priced course.

And your BONUS!

Everything you need to take everything you’ve learned onto your horse!

You can enjoy your HEELS Down Discovery With or Without Horse as a mounted session and/or a pre-ride visualization.

Either way delivers the benefit.

‘Whoa, that’s a whole bunch of stuff for just… $47? Seriously?

Ready to easily, predictably and joyfully enhance your Even Stirrups© with HEELS Down Discovery?

Get HEELS Down Discovery training and riding session today and start enhancing your ride as early as TOMORROW (it's that fast).

only $47!

Get the rider training, the riding session, and
the know-how to dramatically enhance
your Even Stirrups

ride for just $47

The HEELS Down Discovery is ONLY
for students of Even Stirrups

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