Heather Beachum presents…
The Balance, Calm And Fluidity Program

Balance, Calm, and Fluidity Program

Is It Really Possible For An
Amateur Woman To Ride With Balance, Calm
and Fluidity Without Years of Practice, Effort or Fitness?

Yes! And You’re About To Discover Exactly How, Step-by-Step...

Why is it that some riders float effortlessly on their horse, while others are tense, awkward and anxious - or worse - get stuck on the same riding plateau year after year.

If you’ve ever struggled to ride with calm and flow, and heard over and over again it takes years for that to happen, this will be the most important letter you ever read.

I’m going to share with you exactly how to master the art of balance, calm and fluidity, but before I can, there are a few important questions for you to answer…

  • Do you dream of flowing with your horse, but feel demoralized just thinking that you won’t live long enough to have it?
  • Have you worked hard to improve your balance, but still feel stilted and awkward on your horse?
  • Do you only have fleeting moments of calm no matter what calming strategies you use or how often you do them?
  • Is your horse happy when someone else rides him, but unhappy when you do?
  • Is there a part of you that remembers the ease of riding as a youth, but frustrated because you no longer have effortless balance and flow like you did back then?
  • Do you feel stuck because the harder you try the worse your ride gets, but you just don’t know what else to do?
  • Have you ever felt discouraged because you feel that the years have taken their toll on you so riding with fluidity just simply isn’t possible?
  • Do you want to know how to consistently ride with balance, calm and fluidity so you can enjoy a sense of accomplishment each and every ride?

Can Riding With Balance, Calm and Fluidity Really Be Taught???

The short answer: yes.  For the past 8 years, I’ve been helping women riders master the invisible and highly prized riding qualities such as fluidity, ease, and flow.  Plus, skills like relaxed attention, relaxed action, and balance.

As a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
CM I’ve been able to help women to enjoy calm and flow in the saddle without additional exercise regimens, stretching, or trainings.

Like many women riders, I returned to the saddle after years away.  I rode as a young girl and when I took riding back up as an adult I quickly realized that the girl of my youth was now a mature woman in a very, very different body.

Years of sitting at a desk, surgeries, sprained ankles, a broken arm...had me making compensations in my movement that made my riding awkward, tense and nerve-wracking.  Can you relate?

I signed up for more riding lessons.  I gave my all, but my riding remained unbalanced and awkward, and the overwhelm of it all had me feeling nervous and inadequate to the point that riding really just became an exercise in frustration.  I was ready to quit!

That’s when everything turned around...

How To Consistently Ride With Balance, Calm and Fluidity

I learned there is a whole world beyond fitness and bio-mechanics when it comes to riding, I discovered a step-by-step system for effortless movement.  But then came the biggest revelation of all, that balance, calm and fluidity are not 3 separate riding qualities as I previously thought, but rather they are 3 sides of 1 skill set meaning one can’t happen without the other, that they are 100% connected.

I went from complete inability to sit the trot to thinking nothing of it at all!  All of a sudden I had quiet hands so my horse could soften and round.  And amazingly, I could ride and breathe at the same time.  I could hardly believe it!

And it started to get people’s attention…

Other instructors wanted to know who I was riding with, some implied that I was an instructor (even though I wasn’t yet!) and they all wanted to know what my secret was.

Now, after helping hundreds of women over the past 8 years capture balance, calm and fluidity on their horse, I can confidently tell you that if you're feeling frustrated and plateaued in your riding, you're not alone.  It’s completely normal.

In fact, from my work with women riders I now know that there are 3 stages you will go through and 1 big secret you need to know in order to be a flowing rider.  Without this knowledge, you’ll continue to struggle endlessly and never ride your horse with calm and confidence.

Why You Stay Awkward, Jarring and Nervous...Even Though You’re Taking Lessons, Working Out, Stretching, And Practicing All The Time...

Watching kids on any playground shows you how effortlessly we all moved at one time - going from running to skipping to hopping without a thought.  So what happened, now that you’re older, where’d that girl go?

The answer is two-fold.

It begins with how you show up in the saddle.  A life of high-heels, having babies, and long commutes are daily practices that have cost our bodies dearly.  Then there can be issues such as arthritis, surgeries, sprains and falls that cause changes in our way of moving, such as limping or straining...the trouble comes in when this awkward way of moving becomes habit...we get on our horse with this unproductive, undesirable and unconscious way of moving and struggle to understand why there is such a huge gap between the way you ride and the way you want to ride.

Effort, fitness and practice are the common remedies to this, but here’s why they are so ineffective:

  • They do NOT get to the root cause of the problem.
  • They do NOT teach how to create a way of riding that is effective and elegant.  But, don’t take my word for it, through.  Check your riding books, DVDs, and ask your instructor for a lesson in fluidity. I’m 100% positive that you’ll not find a single instructor that can help in you in this way.  In my experience, you’ll be looked at like you’re crazy, and told that it takes years and years to develop.
  • Almost ZERO instructors know that balance, calm and fluidity are interconnected and are dependent on each other.  Which means, they also don’t know how to teach it.  Now, I’m not here to bash riding instructors.  They have a very valuable role to play.  What I want to shed light on here is that when you’re looking to develop these subtle riding skills, traditional riding approaches simply cannot fill this need.  If they did, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Can you see why I couldn't keep this to myself…This IS POWERFUL!

Imagine where you would be in your riding right now if you had been taught this from the first time you got on your horse…!!

After going through my own riding transformation and helping countless others through theirs, I’ve created the “Balance, Calm and Fluidity” Online Program to give women riders the tools, knowledge and confidence to ride with flow and freedom each and every ride.

If you want to ride with flow and freedom too, I have a special invitation for you...

I’m so committed to helping women horseback riders to easily have the highest level of skills that I’ve created a program specifically designed to teach you how to ride with balance, calm and fluidity.

The Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program

This is your DEEP DIVE into Balance, Calm and Fluidity.  You’re going to walk away from this program with the rare ability to create lasting calm and flow in your body and fluidity in the saddle so you can ride with a greater grace and joy that your horse will value and appreciate.

In this powerful training, you’ll…

  • Discover balance, calm and fluidity are ONE SYSTEM… and how to master all 3 at once no matter how long you’ve been riding
  • Find out why trying to address these 3 riding elements separately leads to years of struggle and frustration
  • Discover your secret weapon that gives you a supple body and lovely feel and timing on your horse so you can give the most subtle cues
  • Learn the most common riding strategies that actually make you tense and put you off-balance, and what to do instead
  • Create the brain-body connection for effortless movement and riding
  • Know how to transform anxiety into lasting calm and confidence so your horse looks to you with trust
  • Uncover the #1 secret that few, if any, riding instructors know about that will have you sitting quietly in all the gaits
  • Eliminate any stiff, creaky feelings and create a head-to-toe ease of movement so you can gently follow your horse’s motion
  • Find out how building strength can be counterproductive
  • Develop relaxed attention so you excel in your dressage test or jumping round
  • Learn how to create positive cycles of balance and relaxation that allows you to experience endless joy and accomplishment in your riding no matter how old you are
  • And much, much more…

Let’s Take A Look Inside Your Mounted And
Unmounted Riding Program...

Week 1:  Flow 101 - How To Dissolve All Tension

  • Discover the 1 - and only 1 - principle of FLOW
  • Find out the biggest block that keeps riders stiff and unflowing in the saddle (I’ll bet it comes as a BIG surprise!)
  • Get a simple exercise to help you experience lasting evenness on your horse (no matter how old you are)
  • For the mounted part of this module, you’ll take what you learn right onto your horse and immediately feel him relax and come through from behind
  • And much, much more...

Week 2:  The Secret To Endless Ease

  • Discover the one “thing” that links balance, calm and fluidity into one system (Hint: It is NOT fitness, stretching, “practice makes perfect” or special techniques.)
  • Uncover hidden blocks that keep you stuck in cycles of tension with your horse, and how to eliminate them once and for all
  • During the mounted portion of this module, you’ll feel the clear, rhythmic beats of your horse’s gait as you bring your new flow into the saddle
  • And much, much more...

Week 3:  Forever Connected & Calm

  • Demystify CALM… it’s scientifically proven that anyone can experience it! Here’s how...
  • Discover how your breathing is directly linked to either calm or anxiety… and how to confidently choose calm so you can take into full action on your horse!
  • Learn how to transform tension and anxiety into lasting calm (and revele in the moment as you and your horse take a big, long exhale together)
  • And much, much more...

Week 4:  Your True Balance

  • Discover how to be centered and soft in the saddle using these 3 sacred ancient structures...
  • Create a positive cycle of balance and relaxation for endless confidence on your horse
  • Greatly reduce your risk of falling off and getting injured
  • ?And much, much more...

Week 5:  The Sweet Spot For Effortless Riding

  • Uncover the “sweet spot” to a giving yet stable seat
  • Learn why trying hard can increase tension and nervousness, and what to do instead
  • During the mounted portion of this module, you’ll use my special “Relaxed Action Technique” on your horse. You’ll be amazed at how subtle your cues become and how happy your horse responds :)
  • And much, much more...

Week 6:  Step Out With Long Swinging Strides

  • Shave years off of riding lessons and practice sessions with this ONE powerful shift
  • Find out why “singing” doesn't really solve your calm problems… and what to do instead
  • Discover how to sit back and relax so your horse swings through, from collection to extension
  • And much, much more...

Week 7:  Master The Art Of Fluidity

  • Find out why fluidity isn’t just for the lucky few, and how to make it yours forever (you’ll wonder why this simple principle isn’t taught in riding lessons!)
  • Here’s your best friend when it comes to mastering fluidity… even though you can never see or touch it
  • Discover how to achieve excellence in your riding for higher scores and faster times
  • And much, much more...

Week 8:  Flow With Your Horse In All The Gaits

  • Discover the #1 secret to sitting quietly in all the gaits
  • Identify unlikely triggers that keep you tight and unyielding and how to eliminate them to enjoy relaxed attention each and every ride
  • Head to the barn with confidence knowing your horse is happy with you as his rider!
  • And much, much more...

Each module of the Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program includes 1 pre-recorded class, 4 unmounted audios, 1 mounted audio, and guidebook.  Once you register you will immediately receive an email granting you LIFETIME ACCESS to your training.

Program Value: $597

Plus, Get These Incredible “Fluidity”
Bonuses When You Join Right Now...

With these 3 special bonuses, you’ll now know what flowing riders have discovered, but do not know how to articulate or teach.  I’ve put together three special masterclasses focused on ankles, neck and knees to help you unlock these three problematic areas for riders, and guide you to a deep level of nuance and subtlety in your riding. You will not get training like this anywhere else!

BONUS #1:  Magic Ankles: How To Use Your Ankles To Eliminate Jackhammering, Jarring, And Rough Rides

Inside this special masterclass, you will:

  • Discover the BIG block that causes riders to pound their horse into an early grave
  • Learn how to use my simple shift in your ankles to gets you and your horse to move forward with ease
  • Experience how to be evenly weighted in the stirrups without effort (No more cram and jam! Once you do this you will stay securely soft and centered!)
  • And much, much more...

Value: $97

BONUS #2:  Comfortable Neck: The Secret To Lasting Ease In Your Head, Neck, and Shoulders

Inside this special masterclass, you will:

  • Learn why most riders struggle with circles and corners
  • Discover how to take tension in your neck and turn it into effortless turns
  • Eliminate or reduce neck and shoulder pain once and for all
  • And much, much more...

Value: $97

BONUS #3:  Happy Knees: How To Stop Squeezing, Eliminate Aches, And Decrease Joint Pain

Inside this special masterclass, you will:

  • Discover the biggest mistake that causes most knee pain AND instability in the saddle, and what to do instead
  • Find out how to stay on your horse without gripping so you can sit deeply and safely even when your horse stops short
  • Learn the secret to a neutral leg so all of your messages to your horse are intentional and clear!
  • And much, much more...

Value: $97

Your Total Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program Package

Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program




Total Value






Today's Investment :  $597

 Your investment just…

One Payment of $597

 3 payments of $217

You’re backed by my Balance, 
Calm and Fluidity Money Back Guarantee

This program is specifically designed to help you bring balance, calm and flow into your body and into the saddle.  If you fully participate in the program, take the action necessary and complete your coursework and still don’t feel like this was the best use of your investment that at the end of 90 days, we’ll happily return 100% of your money. All you have to do is show us your completed coursework and we’ll promptly send you a refund.

As I mentioned already, this Program is extremely powerful.  Even more so right now because this is the first time and the only time I will extend the special offer this Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program.  You have 6 month access to our private Facebook group where you can ask me any question, and anything else that comes up for you while we’re working together.

This is a rare opportunity, it is the only program available in the world to teach you balance, calm and fluidity in riding.  It will always be available on my website, but at the full tuition.


Total Value: $888

 Your investment just…

One Payment of $597

 3 payments of $217

This Program Is NOT For You IF...

  • You live by the motto “No pain, no gain” and discount ease and effortlessness
  • You do quick fixes over and over again, and are fine that any change disappears the moment you think about something else
  • You prefer to be anxious in the saddle over calm
  • You enjoy being unbalanced on your horse
  • You believe struggle makes you a better rider
  • You have no interest in high quality riding
  • You blame your horse for your riding struggles and the poor quality of your rides
  • You don’t see a connection between riding nicely and your horse’s mental and physical health
  • You want to wait years to see if you might develop balance, calm, and fluidity

This Program IS For You IF...

  • You love learning new things!
  • You enjoy effective strategies over shortcuts
  • You want a powerful brain-body connection that allows you to connect full with your horse
  • You want to ride in a way that feels great to your horse, and allows him be a willing partner to you
  • You want to release any self-criticism and judgement
  • You want to treat yourself kindly
  • You’d like to ride and breathe at the same time
  • You love to compete, but aren’t getting the scores you know you are capable of no matter how many lessons you take
  • You want to replace effort, grit and determination with a rich and rewarding learning experience
  • You want feel and timing to create a loving connection to your horse
  • Your riding is a personal journey, and you want the satisfaction of fully developing your skills for the highest level of elegance possible for you in this lifetime


Total Value: $888

 Your investment just…

One Payment of $597

 3 payments of $217

If you’re really serious about balance, calm and fluidity in your riding, and becoming a skilled rider that your horse can look to with trust, and you don’t want to look back in 2 months from now and think “Gosh, I wish I had taken a chance in November when I almost registered for The Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program...I can’t do this stiff, jerky, working hard and not getting anywhere thing anymore...I’m just so frustrated.”  The time is now.  Where will you be 2 months from now if you don’t make this change?

If riding with complete balance, calm and fluidity in all the gaits is what you want, I encourage you to join me inside The Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program.  I’ll be there to see you through the steps.

I look forward to getting to knowing more about you and supporting you along this beautiful, amazing journey.




Q1: There are other riding programs… how is Balance, Calm and Fluidity different?

I LOVE this question.  Hands down, there are great riding programs out there.  You can work with an instructor in group and private lessons.  I’ve personally taken thousands of hours in riding lessons and gone through multiple fitness and stretching programs.   All of which are valuable in their own right.

However, you will not find a training program out there like Balance, Calm and Fluidity.

Instead of pointing out what you need to fix, drilling you with information, and telling you what you’re doing wrong, what I teach you is the connection between balance, calm and fluidity, I show you what you’re doing well, easy ways to build on top of that, and in turn, effortlessly create the brain-body connection that lets balance, calm and fluidity become second nature to you.

You will not experience effortlessness like this anywhere else.

Q2: What happens in the mounted lesson?

This is such a great question as the Balance, Calm and Fluidity mounted lessons are completely unique.

Your mounted lesson is downloaded onto the device of your choice.  From there, have you and your horse in a place where you feel safe, that might be a round pen or an open field, you may prefer to be alone or with people around...it’s entirely up to you.

Then the recording guides you through a session that brings everything you learned during the module onto your horse.  It is specifically designed for you to develop your skill of subtle, effective and calm riding, and feel the difference it makes to your horse.

Q3. Do I have to canter in the mounted lesson?

You do not have to canter.

Every recording is done at the walk, and I recommend you start there even if you are a very advanced rider.  Once you have gone through it, feel free to do revisit the lesson at the trot or canter if you want to.

Q4: What if I don’t have my own horse… can I still join?

Absolutely!  And not only that, you’ll get 3x more out of every hour you ride whether you’re on a leased horse, a friend’s horse or a lesson horse.

Here’s the reason...the classes, unmounted and mounted session develop your innate skill for balance, calm and fluidity so you arrive at the barn feeling prepared and confident.

This is the only program that can give you this rewarding learning experience.

Q5: Can I still join if I don’t live near you in the U.S.?

Definitely!  In fact, every rider I’ve supported over the past 8 years has been entirely online whether she lives nearby or abroad.

Below you can read about some of these women from around the world who transformed the way the ride from tension, imbalance and struggle to riding quietly, feeling calm and confident - even during a competition…

This is the only program that delivers the highly prized qualities in riding of balance, calm and fluidity - these ladies did it effortlessly and so can you.

Q6: What is my time commitment to be part of the “Balance, Calm and Fluidity program?”

You can go through the program at your own pace because you have lifetime access to the program, materials and bonuses.

Just as with any training, you will still need to set time aside in order to complete each module.  Many of the women who have gone through the program have reported that this training replaced many of the outdated exercises they were trying previously.  Each module requires about 2.5 hours of your time, and you’ll find that you actually save time by going through them because you’ll be eliminating old techniques that get you nowhere.

Q7: I’m dealing with pain from arthritis...I’m not flexible….I’m not in shape...can I really do Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program?

YES!  In fact, this program is perfect for you because it will bring you the best functioning possible for your situation, and may very possibility get rid of you pain entirely - I can say this because it has for dozens upon dozens of women riders just like you!

Q8: I have knee replacement, hip replacement, various plates and screws...can Balance, Calm and Fluidity really help me?

YES!  Bring your hardware because many, many riders before you already have.  You will walk away with the best possible outcome of mobility and stability from the program.  Below you can read about Judi Qualls, who had ankle replacement, and hear what she gained from working with me.

Q9: Do I need to buy any special equipment to do this program? 

That depends.  Here’s what you need to do this program…a stool or chair with no arms, a place to sit and lay down, a device to watch the recordings, and a device to listen to the mounted sessions.

You may find you already have these items available to you right now.

Q10: What if I have questions about the program as I go through it? Is there any support for me?

YES!  I am here to answer any questions you may have during your 6 month access to our private facebook group.  I’m in there consistently so you’ll have your answer in no time.

Q11: I’m not riding at the moment, will I still benefit from Balance, Calm and Fluidity program?

YES!  This program is a combination of unmounted and mounted sessions.  You can gain all the benefit from the unmounted session, and when you are riding again you can just take everything you’ve gained right into the saddle with you.

This was Lana’s experience with this program, and you can read more about her below.

Q12: What can I expect once I sign up?

You’ll receive an email from me with all the details for your Balance, Calm and Fluidity program... how to access the recordings and class materials, how to join our private Facebook group...all the juicy stuff.

You’ll also receive a second email from the Membership site to provide you with your login credentials.

From there, all you have to do is enjoy your classes and what your horse has to say about the new you!


“The Judge's comments now include FLOWING, FORWARD and ROUND!”

“Before I worked with Heather I struggled with imbalances and tension, not sitting evenly, holding my breath and unsteady contact. None of the instructors or courses I took helped me. I felt overwhelmed because I was on a vicious cycle of tension with my horse.

Shortly after Heather’s program began, I was able to makes the changes I want in my riding, and that has resulted in me being a more consistent rider. I also received my highest marks yet winning a first and fourth place.

Now, I’m enjoying my riding again, my lessons are happier and more productive for my horse, and judge’s comment now include “flowing, forward and round!” Thank you, Heather, riding is fun again.”

Angela Wilson, Bolton England

"I’m Cantering Happily And Making Steady Progress!"

"Before I started working with Heather, I was held back in my riding from tension trying to hold myself in place, holding my breath, and a fear of falling. I was taking lessons with excellent instructors, riding regularly, working on my physical fitness, particularly my core, but the improvements were minimal, at best.

Since I've been working with Heather, I recognize how I've been fighting myself and not even knowing it. Now, I’m cantering happily and in a lovely circle!!!! I LOVE it!

Also, I have rediscover balance and relaxation in the saddle, and with it, my joy of riding. My new accomplishments bring respect to my horse’s body and mind, and we are now making steady progress together. Heather has helped me in a way no riding instructor ever has! Thank You Heather!

Mar Lyons

"The Difference In The Way I Ride Is Glorious!"

“Before working with Heather all the effort I put into my riding left me tense with labored breathing which made my horse stiff and unresponsive.

Her program gave me so much insight into myself, my body and my mind, and through it I have improved my body awareness, and the difference in the way I ride is glorious. I have greater self-confidence, and my horses are happy and much more connected with me and vice versa. This is the most fantastic course I have had the privilege to be part of. I cannot thank Heather enough for sharing her knowledge and expertise.”

Ann Evans

"My horse jumped up a river bank.  I was able to go with him every step and felt confident doing so!"

“Before working with Heather, I hadn't ridden for a bit, and was not brave enough to canter.

Then after a couple of classes I went on a trail ride, not only did my horse break into a trot, but he cantered and jumped up a river bank. I was able to go with him every step, and felt confident doing so!

I highly recommend Heather's class as a way to improve your hips and your riding, even if you aren't riding at the time. Thank you, Heather!"

Lana Tyler, Greeley, Colorado

"I Was So Surprised With How Quickly My Riding Changed!"

"Before I started Heather’s program I was dealing with injuries and fear issues around cantering.

I saw Heather's program, and was very hesitate to enroll at first, thinking this couldn't possibly help me. But I just felt it was the right thing for me to do, so I signed up, and am I happy I did!

Shortly after starting with Heather changes in my riding happened quickly. Right away I began to ride without tension, being centered in my saddle and my hands got more quiet.

Now, I'm cantering happily, and I just did an obstacle competition and it was so great to just stop at each place and know exactly how my weight was balanced in my seat, where my legs were, my feet in the stirrups and where my hands were. We got great scores! And I never felt rushed. I plan to ride a lot this spring and summer and will be listening to my mounted sessions as I go along in my riding. Thank you, Heather!"

Judi Qualls

"Now I Can Relax In The Saddle!"

"Before working with Heather, the judge’s comment was: “the basics of rhythm, relaxation, and contact are lacking.” I realized that I needed to address my inability to relax in the saddle, before I could fix the other issues.

Then Heather taught me how to create effortless movement and how to apply it to my riding. After just a few weeks I rode for the same judge, and was able to sit the trot with a deep balanced seat! That allowed me to focus on developing a more supple connection over a rounder topline. Thank you Heather for helping me relax in the saddle and enjoy every ride!"

Kym Watkin-Statham


Total Value: $888

 Your investment just…

One Payment of $597

 3 payments of $217