Woman Rider Restoration Course

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You did it!! Congratulations! Welcome to the ‘Woman Rider Restoration Course’!

You're here & Your time is NOW to learn how to work with your brain to turn your body & movement into a powerful ally & asset in your riding.

I’m so excited to share this knowledge with you.

Getting Started

To help you get best prepared for this course please make sure you read through this Introduction Module first. It will help you understand how this course works, so you know what to expect every step of the way.  

? Course materials available immediately:

This ‘Course Introduction’ Module

Phase-1 (Days 1-7):  Discover The Foundation of Stability and Suppleness

? Access to course materials after enrollment:

Day 7:  Bonus Bundle 1

Day 8, Phase-2 (Days 8-14):  Spatial Acuity: Develop Your Invisible Skill

Day 14: Bonus Bundle 2

Day 15, Phase-3 (Days 15-21):  Free The Hips and Legs, is avaial

Day 21: Bonus Bundle 3

Day 22, Phase-4 (Days 22-28): Discover The Gifts Of Your Central Nervous System, and (Days 29-30) Extra Days For An Extra Dose Of Flow On Your Horse

Day 28: Bonus Bundle 4

You’ll receive an email reminding you of the availability dates.

For the full course plan & details see below at ‘Course Outline.’

If you have problems logging in, lose your password, have any questions, or ANY problems at all.  Just email us at heather@heatherbeachum.com

Have fun and Let’s DO THIS! 


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