Woman Rider Restoration Course

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Woman Rider Restoration

Course Outline

Let’s begin!

Here’s your course details so you know exactly where to start, what to do and in what order to achieve optimal results from your course…

  1. Have a stool or firm chair, a place to stand, and a place to lay down available. Your comfort is of utmost importance so use the amount of padding you need to feel supported and safe;
  2. Go through the information in this ‘Course Introduction’ Module;
  3. Dive into ‘Phase 1: Discover The Foundation of Stability and Suppleness’; 
  4. Go through the course materials in order as the skills you gain build upon each other. Revisit any sessions you would like to as often as you like;
  5. Participate in your Session Guidesheet if that seems right for you;
  6. Participate in your Bonus Bundles 1-4 as your schedule allows;
  7. Reach out in the Woman Rider Restoration Return To Riding With Ease & Flow Facebook Group with questions, wins and anything that you’d like to share! We want to celebrate your progress and support you fully!

Phase 1: Discover The Foundation of Stability and Suppleness

7 sessions that reconnect you with the primary lines of your torso to improve the stability & mobility of your center. Each lesson helps you develop coordination of your pelvis, spine and chest & a more symmetrical use of your torso freeing your spine to lengthen.  

The simultaneous sensations of lightness & groundedness you experience from these sessions crystalize how truly capable you are to quickly improve and make high-quality progress in your riding.

Rider Success Roadmap

P1: Anatomy Visit & Restoration Presentation

Day 1 - Finding Vertical
Day 2 - Opening And Folding The Spine
Day 3 - Introduction To Lateral Movement
Day 4 - Spine Like A Chain And Your Base Of Support
Day 5 - Soft Lovely Sternum
Day 6 - The Magical Diagonal
Day 7 - Posture Ah-ha
Day 7 - Bonus Bundle 1

Phase 2: Develop Spatial Acuity: Your Invisible Skill

How is it that the rider you so admire just FLOWS…?  Interestingly, FLOW happens largely in part because a rider knows where every part of her body is in space while being keenly aware of her entire environment.

These 7 movement lessons introduce you to this essential element of excellence in riding that you can take into better circles and corners on your very next ride.

P2: Anatomy Visit & Restoration Presentation

Day 8 - Recalibrate Your Center
Day 9 - Circling The Head Around The Clock
Day 10 - Mapping Arms Creates Your Circle Of Energy
Day 11 - Equal Ease Rotation
Day 12 - Eyes On The Back Of Your Head
Day 13 - Effortless Lengthening
Day 14 - Pelvic Clock Compass
Day 14 - Bonus Bundle 2 

Phase 3: Free The Hips and Legs

This week’s sessions help clarify your support and balance from the ground up, AND with a spring to your step!

When the pelvis, hips and legs are well-orchestrated, the legs lengthen of their own accord and feels wonderful.  

Finally released from the misery of overworked muscles and gripping, you’ll feel agile &  light & get you on your way to evenly weighted stirrups - your horse will love you for that! 

P3: Anatomy Visit & Restoration Presentation

Day 15 - Foundation of Hip Flexibility
Day 16 - Clarify Movement Of The Feet In Sitting (and Stirrups)
Day 17 - Swivel Legs
Day 18 - Paint The Floor
Day 19 - Heels Under The Pelvis
Day 20 - The Spine-Leg Connection
Day 21 - Elastic Posture
Day 21 - Bonus Bundle 3

Phase 4: Discover The Gifts Of Your Central Nervous System

To move with your horse & to bring TLC to your joints and muscles comes from a functional body freedom... a shift from strong muscles to the coordination of an action through your whole body, not just isolated parts of you.

In these 7 movement sessions, you’ll discover ways of moving your body that you never imagined.  This is FLOW... This is EASE… This translates directly to your riding...to amplify your movements or be as quiet as you wish.

P4: Anatomy Visit & Restoration Presentation

Day 22 - New Room To Breath
Day 23 - Rolling The Fists Quiets The Hands
Day 24 - Finding Stability For Strength
Day 25 - Backward Stepping
Day 26 - 4 Winds Of Graceful
Day 27 - The Tension Cure
Day 28 - Communicating Posture
Day 28 - Bonus Bundle 4 

Extra Days: For An Extra Dose Of Flow On Your Horse

Day 29 - Relaxing The Shoulders
Day 30 - The Diaphragm, Calm and Confidence

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