We are delighted to present Quiet Hands 2.0, a Feldenkrais class series for learning and refining how your hands can be still in all the gaits in a way that feels great to your horse.

How we hold the reins plays a central role in becoming a better rider. Quiet hands allow us to softly send messages, and allows the horse to step out with a swinging stride.

They guide the horse forward and back, as well as laterally. How? Our hands, arms and torso work together as a finely-tuned synergistic system of springs. This is what allows us to simultaneously have quiet hands and a body that moves with the horse.

However, some of postural habits compromise the use of our hands on the reins. When we are not organized to use our hands effectively, excessive muscular effort and strain occurs, so things like ‘hanging on the face’ and ‘balancing on the reins’ can show up.

Feldenkrais lessons provide a safe and effective way to revive the refined use of your hands in riding by layering simple exercises to produce a bigger picture.

With the lessons presented in this series, you’ll:

  • Discover how your hands can be quiet as your body moves with the horse
  • Gain clarity about the common approaches to quiet hands, and how they are holding you back
  • Experience how to use the reins to round and soften your horse
  • Learn how to shorten your reins without shortening your horse’s neck
  • Discover the real aim of Quiet Hands

“I have greater self-confidence and my horses are happy…”

“Before working with Heather all the effort I put into my riding left me tense with labored breathing which made my horse stiff and unresponsive.  Her program gave me so much insight into myself, my body and my mind, and through it I have improved my body awareness, and the difference in the way I ride is glorious.  I have greater self-confidence, and my horses are happy and much more connected with me and vice versa. This is the most fantastic course I have had the privilege to be part of. I cannot thank Heather enough for sharing her knowledge and expertise.”

Ann Evans, Isle of Mull, Scotland

Quiet Hands Participant

These classes may be right for you if you would like to:

  • Develop feel
  • Stop tension and gripping in your hands
  • Relax your horse emotionally and physically
  • Improve longitudinal and lateral flexions
  • Ride with a soft, but clear contact

‘Now my horse is softer, and I get compliments on my seat!”

“Before I started working with Heather I was facing fear, and my body was so messed up.  

I noticed a difference the very first session, and it just got better from there as each week is so valuable.

Now my horse is softer, and I get compliments on my seat!  I recommend this program even if you don’t have your own horse.  Every week you will head to the barn with a new confidence.  Thank you, Heather!”

Kathy Bowman, Joseph, Oregon, US

Riders will love the classes that…

  • Liberate Your Arms and Shoulders - Clarify the unconscious braces around the shoulder girdle & find length in the upper spine. When your arms and hands are better supported, your hands steady, giving you a light and elastic connection to your horse’s mouth without interference.
  • Feel The Wave-Like Potential Of Your Spine - When every vertebrae is differentiated yet connected, the control you develop over your movement is remarkable. No longer holding and bracing, your hands quiet as your body goes with the horse giving you swing and a lovely sitting trot.

    I’ll share a video of world class riders who demonstrate what you’re learning in this class series to give them the quietest hands.  

    This way your learning comes from multiple sources, demonstration, movement education to work directly with the movement centers of your brains, and downloadable audios to carry your new skills into the saddle (you can also use these as a pre-ride warm up) as well as tools in the series.
  • Spatial Orientation - Have you ever noticed that riders with quiet hands also seem to be fully aware of where their hands are?  These movement sequences give you a great start to excellent spatial awareness… as it evolves, hands no longer fussy and lost, just stay quietly in place.
  • Primary Lines - Clarify the essential connecting lines of your legs, spine, arms and hands to develop elasticity in your body while your hands are quiet. These exercises help you find more symmetry in the trunk and refined use of the arms and hands.

    These lessons expand your opportunities to improve and refine your hands well beyond the hours you’re in the saddle.

Registration Includes:

  • 7 Quiet Hands Awareness Through Movement classes (60-70 minutes)
  • 2 Mounted Sessions to download to take onto your horse or use as a pre-ride warm up
  • Ability to submit questions to Heather during two live Q&A sessions
  • Set of additional intervention exercises to use throughout the day
  • Information to help you adapt the lessons to alternative positions
  • Access to private Facebook group for support, questions and sharing your success!
  • Recordings added to your Riding For Women library approx. 48 hours after each live class
  • Lifetime access to recordings and option to download

Pricing Plans

Regular Tuition

Starts April 11th, 2023

$497 USD

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About Heather

Heather Beachum is a Feldenkrais® practitioner with a focus on women horse riders.

By being able to balance from the ground up, develop core stability without straining, get breathing legs and buttery hips without stretching, riders develop the quiet, effective strength needed in riding, all without injuring themselves.

This restored coordination and grace revitalizes the rider's confidence in herself and her abilities.

As a rider herself, the need for this support became clear to Heather during her Feldenkrais® training. That’s when she realized there is a huge gap… that while the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of an action was clear in riding lessons, the ‘how’ to do this action, such as how to have quiet hands, was severely lacking, and often, counter productive.

With this clarity, she opened her practice and gave workshops to help adults with their hands, breathing and balance, their hips and shoulders… to reclaim a supple stability in the saddle.

In 2014, Heather then took her workshops online, and is delighted to be here today to support you.

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