Welcome to the Balance, Calm and Fluidity Riding Workshop

Today I’m sharing 4 things you need to know to have Balance, Calm & Fluidity with you forever, every ride, no matter what type of saddle you sit in.

There is an easy to follow movement lesson to discover how you can improve your riding posture so as to promote balance, calm and fluidity, at the same time.  

By the end of the video, you’ll have information and know-how in your body to improve your very next ride, and that your horse will appreciate and respond to.

Go ahead now and watch the video so you can leave frustrations behind and reveal your ability to ride with balance, calm and fluidity.

As I mentioned, when you have a trusted source for improvement, one you can use as a pre-ride warm up or in real time on your horse, your inner self shifts…from frustration to a thumbs-up when you really have the know how in your brain and your body cooperates with your request, you have options in your riding instead of compulsive reactions. There's just a sense of relief and joy that comes with this.

In the next video, we expand today’s share by looking closely at the calm in the Balance, Calm & Fluidity equation.

I look forward to relating a surprising story around this, one I think you’ll find amazing and empowering.

Until then, leave a comment below, let me know your thoughts, takeaways …I read every comment!

To your riding success,

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 Heather Beachum

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