What Your Body Yearns For & So Does Your Horse

What Your Body Yearns For & So Does Your Horse


Discover how to get your body to do what you know in your head you want it to.

Exclusive Rider Success Roadmap & Mini-Training For Mature Women Riders

You can be a successful, lovely rider...
No Matter How Old You Are!

Imagine ‘being’ on your horse. Sitting tall yet neutral. No force. No holding yourself in place.

Your invisible skills of ‘do less sooner,’ ‘do less and achieve more,’ ‘feel the little differences that make the biggest difference’ are fully present for clear and happy communication with your horse.

When you know in your head what you want your body to do and your body cooperates, you’ve reached the deepest level of self-trust and your full potential as a rider is unlocked.

You have control over your body and a plan that works for YOU as a mature woman rider. You know how to advance your abilities.

You’re set free...and your horse will notice & appreciate this change in you.

Welcome to Riding For Women where we meet you right now where you’re at and then, step-by-step, show you the full range of the riding skills and grace you’re capable of.

Bad habits are resolved and ‘pleasing, feels great’ habits are relearned and applied to your riding so that balance, calm and fluidity become your second nature.

We’re committed to making the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant for you.

Discover how to break bad habits and (re)learn relaxed and effective ones, create supple, elastic stability and become the successful woman rider you want to be.

"I Was So Surprised With How Quickly My Riding Changed!"

"Before I started Heather’s program I was dealing with injuries and fear issues around cantering.

I saw Heather's program, and was very hesitate to enroll at first, thinking this couldn't possibly help me. But I just felt it was the right thing for me to do, so I signed up, and am I happy I did!

Shortly after starting with Heather changes in my riding happened quickly. Right away I began to ride without tension, being centered in my saddle and my hands got more quiet.

Now, I'm cantering happily, and I just did an obstacle competition and it was so great to just stop at each place and know exactly how my weight was balanced in my seat, where my legs were, my feet in the stirrups and where my hands were. We got great scores! And I never felt rushed. I plan to ride a lot this spring and summer and will be listening to my mounted sessions as I go along in my riding. Thank you, Heather!"

Judi Qualls

‘The effect it had on my body is so great’

"Before working with Heather, I was so frustrated because I was crooked and stiff. I was dealing with ‘movement ruts,’ I knew in my head what I wanted my body to do, but it just wouldn’t cooperate.

Then as soon as the classes started the improvement began, the effect it had on my body is so great. My alignment lengthened and softened, force turned into ease to influence my horse kindly & effectively.

I LOVED this program because all the changes stick, it’s just how I ride now.

I think everyone could benefit from this, Heather's teaching manner is simply lovely, and doing her lessons is so much better than trying to sort it out from a book, etc.

I am very grateful for Heather's skill and expertise in waking up flow & ability in my body and riding.

Thank you, Heather!"

Jaini Clougher

“The Judge's comments now include FLOWING, FORWARD and ROUND!”

“Before I worked with Heather I struggled with imbalances and tension, not sitting evenly, holding my breath and unsteady contact. None of the instructors or courses I took helped me. I felt overwhelmed because I was on a vicious cycle of tension with my horse.

Shortly after Heather’s program began, I was able to makes the changes I want in my riding, and that has resulted in me being a more consistent rider. I also received my highest marks yet winning a first and fourth place.

Now, I’m enjoying my riding again, my lessons are happier and more productive for my horse, and judge’s comment now include “flowing, forward and round!” Thank you, Heather, riding is fun again.”

Angela Wilson, Bolton England

Work With Your Body To Ride The Way You Want

Our online courses & support give you the body awareness you need to ride with the ease you want. You’ll learn how to ride and breath at the same time, restore your body for your best possible placement in the saddle for comfort and effectiveness, oil stiff creaky joints and experience how to move with your horse so together you step out with long, swinging strides. You’ll build riding skills without agony, short cuts, or quick fixes - this is about true skills. 

Hi! I’m Heather Beachum.

Founder of Riding for Women and 
Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM

I teach women riders how to work with their body to experience consistent accomplishment, confidence, and fluidity in the saddle, no matter what age they are.

My clients have placed higher in riding shows, significantly reduced neck, back and shoulder pain, and experienced full transformations in their rides using my simple mounted and unmounted techniques.

Successful, lovely riding starts here 

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