Disease Injury & Use

Do you ever feel that you have to work twice as hard as the much younger riding protégés?

Afterall, there’s so much to contend with as you age.

  • Coordinating all your body parts would be frustrating enough since they don’t want to coordinate.  Then add arthritic knees into the mix UGHHHHH!
  • Computer shoulders have you rounding forward…and every time you trot past that mirror you try something else to get those shoulder back, but they don’t stay there ?
  • “Who do you think you are?” is the message and the reaction is to make yourself small.  Years later you try to lengthen head-to-toe for that long, beautiful position, and stretch & lift to find it only to shrink right back again ?????

First a fall that injures your SI joint, then your hip tightens, then your balance goes, then the harder you try to correct your position the worse your ride gets ?UGHHHHH!

Interpreting sit straight, shoulders back as being rigid and your back concave.  Now you’re s.t.u.c.k. that way.  Someday I’ll get it?

The years go by. 

Frustration becomes self-deprecation that becomes a change of plans. “I waited too long to ride again, gorgeous flying changes just aren’t going to happen.” ?????

But does it have to be this way?

Or can you write a different story for yourself? One where the wisdom of years is as potent as the vitality of youth?

One where you aren’t overwhelmed, but a story that makes sense & is doable?

The answer is YES you can. 

And it begins with a thoughtful look at these 3 factors and their effect on your riding success and enjoyment.  

  1. Disease
  2. Injury
  3. Use 

Maybe arthritis ‘disease’ shows up wreaking havoc with your hip or dealing with cancer strains your entire body.

Then you add in a limp from a long ago ankle ‘injury.’ 

Ah! ‘use,’ concave in the back and tipped forwards the shoulders, has you feeling like you’ll be correcting that for the rest of your days.

You try so hard but can’t achieve a ‘movement’ or get your body to respond the way you want it to leaving you to feel silly and ugly at times.

And here you are wanting that classical plumb line from ear, shoulder, hip and ankle, but bones follow muscles putting you into a fork seat or a chair seat.

But the way to the classical line is this…

Be Kind To Yourself because just as you learned bad habits and picked up limps, you can let them go by relearning gorgeous habits.

As one bad habit falls then another, a new postural balance shows up so you can learn how to shape your body for the next movement or transition.

Your Brain Is Smarter Than You Are, it just needs the chance to do it’s thing!  

Put Your Mind At Rest.  If your situation is solely from ‘use’ every bit of the trouble can be resolved.  If ‘injury and/or disease’ is a factor, the very best functioning for your situation can be yours because nature strives for ease (just ask your very smart brain).

It’s All About Feel. The magic ingredient that realigns your body and your horse needs from you to be light and responsive. 

Celebrate.  The younger riders have lots going for them, but they don’t have what you have…. WISDOM Everything Is Connected

Once your ankle and hip work together you have a base of support so your shoulders, neck and head will fall back into the correct place

What serves your body well on your horse also keeps you moving properly as you age

As alignment improves, aches & pains diminish because you now carry yourself well

Your horse sees that you show up better each time, and you see his eye soften. AHHHH! The joys of womanhood.?????

I’d love to hear your thoughts about working with your body (and your brain) instead of feeling you must work twice as hard.  Just hit reply to this email, I read every comment.

To your riding success,


Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM

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Riding well in a mature body is the fine art of doing less.

Riding well in a mature body is the fine art of doing less sooner.