Balance, calm and fluidity come down to 3 critical areas:


We are what we repeatedly do. Knowing how to free your body of habitual tension and bad habits, with a body different from even 10 years ago, and applying it to every gait & transition is key to balance, calm, and fluidity. 


We ride in a world where instruction is sternly given, but seldom accompanied by any useful input as to how it can be achieved or what precisely it means.  By knowing exactly what you’re supposed to do and how to do it, you have a reliable advantage in your riding progress.


The horse world is flooded with information on how to improve your riding.  But how do you know which is right and best for you? When you have a filter to run allllll this info through, you save valuable time and invest your money in things that will make you a better rider. Yay! No more distractions!

Reveal Your True Riding Abilities

Learn how to become the kind of woman that rides alive in her ability to coordinate her movements and body with ease, enjoys a relaxed focus on her horse & makes steady progress without 10,000 hours of ‘trying so hard to do it right.’

Replace Misunderstandings With Clarity

The goal isn’t to be the one who suffers the most for her art, but rather, it’s to be a rider who is proud of every ride.  

Learn the real intention behind every riding instruction and how to translate what is in your head to your body with unparalleled deftness to create a lovely improvement in real time.

Turn Overwhelm Into Empowerment

More often than not, there is a huge disconnect between what a riding program or device promises and what it actually delivers.

Learn how to measure the true value of any and all riding options without spending a dime or wasting a minute on approaches that don’t meet your riding needs, expectations and desires.


Discover how to get your body to do what you know in your head you want it to.

Exclusive Rider Success Roadmap & Mini-Training For Mature Women Riders

With A Horse Dream To Live, Riding Clarity Is A Distinct Asset

Hi, I’m Heather Beachum, founder and author of this website. I’ve created all this content around ‘riding clarity’ because so much of my own riding journey has revolved around this topic.

What a woman rider envisions for herself and her horse can vary greatly one from the next. Where one wants to ride an excellent dressage test another wants to rope a cow, where one wants to fly across the landscape at a hunter pace another wants to get great scores at a trail challenge.

But for all the different disciplines, they share this thing, and that is ‘ability.’

And here is where things get bumpy, where ‘Someday I’ll get it,’ starts followed by “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do this? I try so hard.’ From there, dreams get diminished or put on the back burner.

The reason this happens isn’t that you don’t have ‘ability’ because you do.

But rather, it’s an incomplete, and often flawed, version of what ‘ability’ is, and...

Three enormous GAPS that stilt your ‘ability.’

In a moment I’ll share more about this, but first I want to relate to you how I came to this understanding so you can be sure it’s grounded in professionalism.

My ah ha moment came about a third of the way through my training as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher?.

That’s when my ‘riding clarity’ happened, and I gained a whole new optimistic & realistic approach to riding for we mature women riders.

? For instance, so much suffering happens from riding language misunderstandings such as interpreting ‘sit straight’ as being rigid and concaving your back.  

This doesn’t happen because you don’t have the ‘ability’ to sit tall and elegantly because you do.  It happens because you don’t really know what is expected of you let alone any useful advice on how it can be achieved.

With the Riding For Women System you find out what’s really involved with sitting on a powerful, moving animal, relearn a tension free seat and learn how to use it effectively in a way that feels great to your horse.

? Another reason women riders start doubting their ‘ability’ is around the misalignment between what they want to do and what’s happening.  So for instance, you know in your head you want your shoulder to stay back, but they never do stay back.  And if that’s not frustrating enough, it leads you to think that you’ll be correcting those tipped forward shoulders for the rest of your days.

The reason this problem is such a stubborn ‘movement rut’ isn't a lack of ‘ability’ on your part, it’s because while there’s lots out there for the younger riders to learn riding, they don’t address what a mature woman needs given her body is aging.

But that ends with the Riding For Women System where you gain the how and why of what to do to be a successful mature rider.

In this case we don’t see the struggle with your shoulders as an inability on your part or even as the problem itself.

We see it as a symptom of a problem which is a bad habit, one accumulated over time...hours at the computers, injuries, arthritis … And resolving bad habits is an expertise of my training so I guide you step by step to recalibrate your movement patterns so your shoulders glide back on their own and stay there. And it works every time because of this one thing, your ‘ability’ to learn new productive habits.

? Opposing views, misinformation, endless options … core strength, fitness, flexibility, biomechanics, metaphors, sit on a ball… leaving you to sift through it all and try to make heads or tails of it. 

Keeping you overwhelmed by the fire hose of information.?

So much time spent on ‘not needed’ modalities, precious energy directed to options ‘mismatched’ to your goals, so frustrating leaving you to think you’ll be in your rocker before you’ve got it all figured out. 


Until now, because the mission of the Riding For Women System is...

1.   Never add to the fire hose of information, 

2.   Simplify & clarify the how and what you need to be a successful woman rider. 


? This is achieved by converting overwhelm into empowerment.?


To do this, I created a simple, 30 second way (yes, 30 seconds), to determine what it is you actually need to fulfil your riding aspirations, and to confidently determine what will address that need or just create busy work for you.

This Is Why Riding Clarity Is A Distinct Asset.

Because things have changed.?

Where once there was only repetition and trying hard for those with ‘ability,’ now there is a whole new approach for the mature woman rider.  

And because, up to now, any sliver of progress has been so hard won it can be difficult to believe that progress can start the exact same moment you step into this new approach.

? And that is why below you’ll see the very special mini-training I put together just for you as a woman rider. ?

So you can experience how bad habits dissolve by relearning and learning productive movements to replace them.  So step by step you develop your ‘ability,’  and know exactly what to do when you get in the saddle next, that much closer to balance, calm and fluidity.

We’re in this together,


Discover how to get your body to do what you know in your head you want it to.

Exclusive Rider Success Roadmap & Mini-Training For Mature Women Riders