January 2, 2014

Your Amazing Back

Your back = Your passage for the free flow of movement.

Horse - Horse and rider Drawing 170x125Few think kindly of their backs and all have definite thoughts about the cause of their back pain.

Yet, if soft stomach muscles are the cause then every child would have back pain.

If a strong back is the answer then muscular people doing hard physical work would not suffer back misery.

If a flexible back is the answer then dancers, athletes and acrobats would never be afflicted with back pain.

People go to great lengths to deal with their back pain, but there are two questions to ask to understand the value of your back care regime:

1) Are you creating relief or good back health?

2) What would happen if you stopped your back care regime?

If the answer is that your back pain would reignite then you are not creating true health, you are not healing.

“It’s amazing to what extent people are willing to follow strict, demanding, mechanical instructions, exercising dutifully each day, trying hard to do their best, carrying out directions as strongly and as quickly as possible, without considering the sacrifice of so much labor and the meagerness of the results. Some people are willing to invest any effort and pay any price to be free of back pain, except for this one thing: they are unwilling to give their full attention to themselves, to look inward and communicate patiently and kindly with their body.” Mindful Spontaneity, Ruthy Alon, page 7.

We were born to move. As this New Year begins allow yourself to embrace good back health and experience the sheer joy of movement as part of your human endowment.

Love your back as it serves as a passage for the free flow of movement as you ride.

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