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January 7, 2014

What allows us to ride with joy and confidence instead of grit and determination?

copywright-expired-history.denverlibrary.org_-300x208You carry out your horse dream no matter what it takes - there is no point talking about your back pain because it is just par for the course. Solutions are sought from pain meds and bandaging, from traditional and alternative therapies, from strength building and even surgery. You may buy different tack and perhaps you may even buy a different horse. At first glance these remedies seem quite different from one another, yet they all have two traits in common:

The first trait they share is that NONE of them gets to the root cause of your pain – each is JUST a band-aid on the pain that keeps you from enjoying your horse to the fullest, and this feeds a vicious cycle - that you have no choice but to tolerate the pain as best as you can, that you have no choice but to suffer in the saddle.

The second trait these remedies share is each is a BIG action, a BIG action that does NOT get to the root of the problem, and worst of all, a BIG action that does NOT empower you to create an easy ride – yet these BIG actions are often thought to be the only solutions available. But nothing could be further from the truth, another possibility does exist and this solution to your pain is found in your most basic human attribute.

In fact, the simplicity of this characteristic belies its power to empower you to create lasting changes to the point that you can forget you ever had the pain in the first place.

What allows you to ride with joy and confidence instead of grit and determination?

The journey comes from a shift in thinking from feeling stuck to daring to strive for a life as you truly wish it to be. This is what riders without back pain understand – they strive for health – they see the function of the back in the context of the rest of the body in movement.

This integral approach allows the overall balance and comfort of the back in action to be at the rider’s command, and it can be yours. To begin the shift ask yourself: What would life be like without back pain? How would you feel leaving your strict, unrelenting back care regime behind you? What would change for you to have your back healed in a way that feels good to you? We were born to move with freedom and ease so begin by allowing yourself to embrace good back health and experience the sheer joy of movement and comfort in the saddle.

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