Whether you’re brand new to riding, back in the saddle or have been riding for years there are 4 different ways we help you to reveal all of your riding abilities…

Restore + Ease Courses

Arthritis, back pain, old injuries, hip problems, knee replacements, loss of balance, or movement ruts flaring up in the saddle?

Typically these ‘joys of aging’ are seen as separate problems and addressed individually. But the reality is, they’re all tied into together. They’re linked.

For instance, if you have a limp from an ankle injury, that goes on to create a crookedness in the saddle. Which goes on to stop your breathing. Which goes on to affect your balance. And accentuate fear. Fear goes on to accentuate gripping. Gripping goes on to make your bulging disk hurt. It all goes round and round.

So when we get back down to appreciating and honoring your humanness, we can finally start to restore your body and your control over your body in a pleasurable and scientifically proven way.

Just as one aggravation (like ankle injury) has a snowball effect. When we look at the movement patterns that you’ve taken on to try and deal with these movement situations and we change those movement patterns, EVERYTHING improves.

That’s the magic of our Restore & Ease Courses. By working with your central nervous system, you relearn your way back into an ease of movement - a control over your body - that you can now carry back into the saddle with you and finally come to a place of wholeness.

Current Restore + Ease Courses available:

Woman Rider Restoration

Hips of Ease and Flow

Balance- Relaxation Cycle Workshop

Ride In The Moment Programs

Have you ever...

Put yourself square in the saddle, thought of something else, and then BAM! went back to back to being crooked...again?

Worked to comply with instructions like ‘loose rein, tight rein, more leg, less leg, be strong in the abs, relaxed and soft through your lower back, loose in the shoulders but heavy in the elbows’ ... but it’s just not working?

Wrestling to undo bad habits such as concave in the back or tipped forward in the shoulders?

You are not alone.

These ‘frustrations’ are typically seen as a lack of ‘ability,’ causing many riders to wonder ‘What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do this? I try so hard.’

It makes us feel like we’ll be correcting these problems till our dying day.

Yet, with a fresh approach to long standing problems, working with your body - no matter what age you are - you can ‘recalibrate’ your way to functional body freedom on your horse.

As your ‘recalibration’ integrates the ‘overthinking’ subsides and allows you to Ride In The Moment.

If you want to ‘know in your bones’ how to:

  • Sit quietly while moving with your horse
  • Be neutral & active at the same time with no force, no white noise
  • Ride balanced, calm and fluid as you stay present throughout your ride

...the Ride In The Moment Programs are for you!

Current Ride In The Moment Programs available:

Successful Woman Rider
Balance, Calm and Fluidity

Ride In the Moment Mastery Mentorship

Shave 10 years off your training. During our 1:1 mentorship together, you will embody the refinement and elegance of high-level, flowing riders.

This master level is only available to riders who have worked with Heather inside her Restore + Ease Courses or Ride In The Moment Programs.

To find out more about these opportunities and how to get started head here. 

Rider Success Roadmap

Right now I’m offering my free “Rider Success Roadmap & Mini-Training’ to share with you exactly the steps you need to realize your full potential as a woman rider.

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