Whether you’re brand new to riding, back in the saddle or have been riding for years there are 3 different ways we help you to reveal all of your riding abilities…

Woman Rider Restoration Courses

For mature woman riders who know what they want their body to do, but their body doesn't cooperate - and aches & pains add another level of struggle...

With Woman Rider Restoration you'll be the rider you want to be with a dose of grace.

You relearn how to move your body with ease in a way that translates directly to more supple stability and safety in the saddle with a body that cooperates with your wishes.

Ride In the Moment Mastery Mentorship

Shave 10 years off your training. During our 1:1 mentorship together, you will embody the refinement and elegance of high-level, flowing riders.

Gain access to all of the Riding For Women courses plus recieve personalized support from Heather.

To find out more about these opportunities and how to get started head here.

Rider Success Roadmap

Right now I’m offering my free “Rider Success Roadmap & Mini-Training’ to share with you exactly the steps you need to realize your full potential as a woman rider.

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