Riding For Women

Congratulations!  You’re in!

Welcome to your Classical Line Workshop Weekend, your DEEP DIVE into an elegant, effective riding seat.

TCL Workshop Weekend will give you the inner understanding and confidence to finally generate consistent riding progress and make the life-changing leap from working hard for little results to giving yourself balance, calm, harmony and freedom on your horse — and the elegant classical line you’ve always wanted.

With your 3 ‘Extras’ you’ll have complete support, both unmounted and mounted, and a customized plan to make the classical line your own.

All the juicy details are being sent to your inbox now from Riding For Women. If you don’t see it there soon, check your spam. If still not there, let me know at
Heather@HeatherBeachum.com so my team can take care of you right away.

I’m looking so forward to connecting with you, and sharing with you how that long, beautiful classical line can be yours in all the gaits.

Talk soon,


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