December 16, 2013

Why work unmounted?

Horse - Human and horse skeletonsOften riders are surprised when we work off the horse before working on the horse, and are curious as to why that is.

The reason we work off the horse first is because it this offers the biggest opportunity to create the most riding improvements, and to allow these improvements to become 2nd nature on your horse.

The reason for this is that movement lives in the brain NOT in the body - muscles are dumb, they just do what they are told. So working off the horse affords you the opportunity to free 100% of your awareness to create change.

This isn’t the case while mounted because on the horse your awareness is divided – it goes to your horse, to the task at hand...etc. This means that there is far less riding improvement because you can’t give 100% of your awareness.

So we work off the horse then we integrate the improvements your awareness has created onto the horse – and before you know it the improvements become 2nd nature so you always know how to create ease and comfort in and out of the saddle🙂

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