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July 14, 2014

The smart and the silly of science

Rider-with-Motion-sensors-300x165An article was published recently on ScienceDaily.com titled “Video game technology aids horse rider assessment.” 

The smart of science takes motion sensors used by movie makers and the video games industry, and applies it to horseback riding to assess a riders’ balance, symmetry and poor posture.

The silly is that no rider needs technology to make this assessment because every human being comes equipped with a sensory motor system.  This innate function includes balance and movement (vestibular), and can be accessed at any moment through your awareness.  It is only a matter of choosing to invest your attention to how you are moving.

The other silly is that this technology does not offer a solution to these difficulties so riders stay stuck.  Yet, by virtue of the sensory motor system every rider has the inborn ability to create improvement.  This is accomplished by the rider’s paying attention to subtle differences and creating small shifts of movement – the result is improvement in the rider’s balance, symmetry and posture.

To experience how you can create ease and balance in the saddle I invite you to contact me.

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