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August 6, 2013

Which dreaded exercise is your favorite?

longeRecently, on their Facebook page (July 26, 2013)  The Chronicle of the Horse posted "Calling all the equitation riders..." to give their most dreaded exercise for improving their position.

Many riders responded giving one exercise or another, but what struck me is how riders simply expect improvement to be painful - tortuous even.

The missing piece in these dreaded exercises is that improvement is being sought in the rider's body not the rider's awareness. Focusing on the body simply pulls and tugs the muscles and ligaments this way and that. Yet, with awareness the rider finds the habit that creates the difficulty, and finds new ways to coordinate movement. This brain-body integration takes the rider from habit to choice with the result being that the rider understands how to melt into the horse - and it is a pleasurable process for both the rider and the horse.

Believe it or not, I had scheduled the workshop and class series 3 Keys to Hip Comfort for a Deep Seat before this Facebook post, but feel it is indeed timely. If you want the torture to end, if you want to tap into your ability to make it easy, see below for the details and join us.

The Chronicle of the Horse, July 26, 2013 Facebook post shared on my page  Heather on Facebook.

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