Ride In The Moment Mastery Mentorship

You know it when you see it, a rider who just floats!

How does she do it?

Welcome to Ride In The Moment Mastery Mentorship.

Where YOU become the rider you most admire.

Ride In The Moment Mastery Mentorship goes beyond mechanics and shifts you into an effective artistry. You’ll learn how to use your body and energy to shape and influence your horse.

During this customized 6-month mentorship with your personal movement expert, Heather Beachum, you’ll practice and develop:

Rhythm -- what does that look like

?How to create seamless changes of tempo so there’s no break in you rhythm

?How to create your ‘Circle of Energy’ for the most elastic extensions and collections

?How to refresh your horse’s hind end movement (no reins, whip or spur needed)

?How to give weight aids for the lightest lateral movements

You’ll receive customized unmounted and mounted sessions to take you step-by-step how to create your quietest seat, and more...

The goal of this 6-month mentorship is effective elegance.

Ride In The Moment Mastery Mentorship spots are limited in number, and only available to riders that have worked with Heather inside the Restore + Ease Courses or her Ride In The Moment Programs.

Find out if this is the right next step in your riding journey. Fill out the Ride In The Moment Mastery Mentorship application below now.

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