Thank you for checking out the Flowing Rider program!

At the moment, Flowing Rider is not open for enrollment.

Yet, my Balance, Calm and Fluidity program is, and it’s perfect for you if…

  • You’ve ever had someone else ride your horse and he was so happy with them, but unhappy when you ride him,
  • You’ve ever been disappointed by your collective marks in your dressage test… and you want to start standing out in a good way to the judges,
  • You want to be fully present with your horse in all scenarios NOT locked up against your horse,
  • You want to learn those “invisible skills” that distinguish a gorgeous rider from a “someday I’ll get it” rider,
  • That rider you admire… you genuinely want what she has that makes her horse so happy,
  • You want to reduce your chances of falling, even during a spook,
  • You’re ready to experience riding excellence.

If this is you, then gallop your way into Balance, Calm and Fluidity and scoop up your incredible bonus programs as well! I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

If you know in your head what you want your body to do and finally want to be able to get it to DO IT…

It’s time to stop working for balance, waiting for calm and hoping for fluidity.

It’s time to steward your riding skills well.

Let’s do this together,


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