Woman Rider Restoration Course

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How to set yourself up for SUCCESS

This is how to set yourself up for SUCCESS in this course:

1. Do the sessions.

Seriously, you can NOT get results if you do NOT actually do the sessions. We want you to get results in this course, and we know you will get results…IF you do the sessions.

But, sometimes life gets in the way of doing the session, and we want you to acknowledge these so you can develop a plan to deal with them when they happen.

The top 7 reasons people don’t succeed in an online course:

 1. They sign up for the course and don’t do any of it. 

Unfortunately just buying the course doesn’t cut it. You have to do the sessions. You have to make some changes. You have to stretch yourself. That is what you are here for. Remind yourself of that when you come up against the “I’m scared” gremlin. Commit fully to doing the course and seeing it through.

2. They get started with gusto and then 1 or 2 weeks into the course you get distracted by the next sparkly thing (a leaf blowing!) and lose momentum. You cannot achieve your goals if you do not follow through with consistency.

3. Know it all.  If you come into the course or Facebook Group thinking you’ve been there, done that, you are not going to be open to learning the very things you need to learn most. Leave your ego at the door, open your mind to thinking about things differently, and learn to experiment with joy and curiosity. Even if something is new, weird, or contradicts what you thought you knew, you are here to learn and create a new ride for yourself, right? So just TRY IT!

4. They become injured or sick. There are circumstances that can occur that are simply outside the realm of anyone’s control. However, all of the sessions in this course can be done in your imagination with equal the effect of doing them in real time, so your learning continues.  So keep working through the course, engage in the Facebook group, come to the live Q&A, do what you CAN do.

5. The rider falls behind, gets overwhelmed, and shame themselves for not following through, and then they AVOID it altogether (hiding from the course and the Facebook Group because it reminds them of all they haven’t done). Do NOT do this. If you fall behind, it doesn’t matter. If you cannot keep up, it is OKAY. Do not hide. WE are not going to shame you. But we do want you to show up, stay engaged, and get our support.

6. They don’t ask questions or post videos for feedback. You might think your questions are too stupid, too basic, or perhaps your biggest problem doesn’t have to do with the your movement patterns at all so you think you can’t ask it. STOP RIGHT THERE. You can ask us ANYTHING. If it is a question you have, you need the answer AND others may be wondering the same thing - so ask it. If it is a problem that is holding you back from making progress - you need to ask it. We will never shame you for asking too basic of a question. In fact, those are often the most important questions.

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