Thank you for checking out the
Balance, Calm and Fluidity program!

This is our history in a nutshell:

At some point, you cantered your way through the membership portal and found yourself here.

Probably wondering…

“Heather, how do I get my body to do what I want it to? Can I really ride like that elegant rider I admire so much??”

“Is it really possible to have the kind of flow and ease I had in my youth?”

“What do I need to do first - calm, balance, or flow?”

“Do I haaaave to finish every ride with “some day I’ll get it” or can I actually finish my ride KNOWING I am strides closer to being the rider I imagine myself to be…???”

Well, hold your horses no more! Because I have something very special for you.

You’ve waited long enough - The doors are now open to Balance, Calm and Fluidity! 

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