Balance, Calm and Fluidity

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Week2, day1: Guidebook

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Moving on:)

In your second module, The Secret To Endless Ease, you…

  • Discover the one “thing” that links balance, calm and fluidity into one system (Hint: It is NOT fitness, stretching, “practice makes perfect” or special techniques.)
  • Uncover hidden blocks that keep you stuck in cycles of tension with your horse, and how to eliminate them once and for all
  • During the mounted portion of this module, you’ll feel the clear, rhythmic beats of your horse’s gait as you bring your new flow into the saddle
  • And much, much more…

This week is a game-changer.  With what you learn here you’ll ride in a whole new way, and you’ll observe other riders in a whole new light (even those you greatly admire already:)).


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