Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program

Week 1: Getting Started

Week 1: Bonus Masterclasses  

Bonus 1, Masterclass:  Magic Ankles: How To Use Your Ankles To Eliminate Jackhammering, Jarring, And Rough Rides

Bonus 2, Masterclass: Comfortable Neck: The Secret To Lasting Ease In Your Head, Neck, and Shoulders

Bonus 3, Masterclass: Happy Knees: How To Stop Squeezing, Eliminate Aches, And Decrease Joint Pain

Week 1, Day 1: Flow 101:  How To Dissolve All Tension

You are on your way to demystifing everyday riding struggles and transforming them into Balance, Calm and Fluidity.

In your very first week, you’ll...

  • Discover the 1 - and only 1 - principle of FLOW
  • Find out the biggest block that keeps riders stiff and unflowing in the saddle (I’ll bet it comes as a BIG surprise!)
  • Get a simple exercise to help you experience lasting evenness on your horse (no matter how old you are)
  • For the mounted part of this module, you’ll take what you learn right onto your horse and immediately feel him relax and come through from behind
  • And much, much more…

Find a quiet place because your full  attention is needed during each class… by that I mean turn off phones, computers, close the door…  

Have a stool, or chair with no arms ready.  A place to lay down - comfort is king - use as much padding as you need to be comfortable, but no more.

I’m so happy to be supporting you in your riding, and I can’t wait to hear about all the changes you and your horse experience together.

Anytime you can share, ask questions, post photos, exercise bragging rights (not required but highly encouraged:)) at Flowing Rider, our private Facebook group. Or you can always contact me at

To your riding success,