Yes Heather! I’m ready to restore ease and flow to my body,
and share it with my horse for gaits that are smooth and relaxed!

Woman Rider Restoration Course

The Woman Rider Restoration Course exists to take your riding to the next level.

The mature woman rider faces movement ruts, creaky joints and fear.

Then, the harder she tries the worse everything gets.

Often, this all points to the conclusion that she waited too long to start riding again or that she doesn’t have ‘ability.’

But this isn’t true!

You are full of ability, and this course takes you, step by step, to actualize your full potential as a rider.

This happens by meeting you where you’re at right now in your riding and physical strains, and restores you to a functional body freedom, in and out of the saddle.

The riding series for mature women riders so you can...

Discover What You're Truly Capable Of

In this 10-15 minutes per day for 30 days course you’ll…

  • Recalibrate your placement in the saddle from strain to effective ease
  • Replace ‘Trying Hard’ with ‘Awareness’ for continuous success
  • Eliminate ‘movement ruts’ by moving your body with a ‘flow, presence & power’ that your horse will love
  • End the tyranny of long held ‘bad habits’ and negative self-talk of ‘Someday I’ll get it,’ and finally start a life of ‘I can and I am’

You don’t have to wait forever to get results. The moment you start the Woman Rider Restoration process, you’ll experience success…

Lessons & Imagination


Movements that free your hips and back from long-held patterns of muscular contractions, create a foundation of power free of force and strain, ride & breathe at the same time for balance & to calm the central nervous system, spatial awareness to eliminate stress on joints, and experience how ribs that are springy and supple impact your flow with your horse.
A rider’s body that knows what to do, and this becomes her way of riding.

Transforming ‘posture’ from holding a position into a functional body freedom, where you are both stable & dynamic, to free your horse and step out with long swinging strides.

This is truly a ‘Do Less To Achieve More’ in your riding course


The Woman Rider Restoration Course

Week 1

Discover The Foundation of Support and Suppleness

Riders will love these 7 sessions that clarify ‘posture.’ When your hips and back are organized, you can melt into your center of gravity, freeing your spine to effortlessly lengthen and access a stable but dynamic body freedom essential to balance and flow.
Day 1 - Introduction to The Foundation
Day 2 - Mobilizing the hips and back
Day 3 - Painting the floor with the soles of the feet
Day 4 - Spine like a chain
Day 5 - Differentiating the hips in standing
Day 6 - Rolling the pelvis and chest
Day 7 - Interweaving the back

Week 2

Access The Gifts Of Your Central Nervous System 

These 7 sessions enable you to ride and breathe at the same time so you connect to your parasympathetic nervous system, where calm lives. At this week’s conclusion, you’ll find your lower back & diaphragm free, your chest open and expansive, and your eyes soft. Your horse will love this, and in response, will also soften.
Day 8 - Breaking habits with differentiated breathing
Day 9 - Diaphragmatic breathing in riding
Day 10 - Seesaw breathing
Day 11 - Eyes to soften the ribs
Day 12 - Hugging yourself
Day 13 - Glueing the lungs
Day 14 - Feet and leg through middle to arms and hands

Week 3

Develop Spatial Acuity: Your Invisible Skill 

7 sessions that develop your ability to turn your head, eyes and shoulders with equal ease in any direction. With an effortless ease your head balances on your spine, evenly distributing your weight and freeing the joints to move with lightness and strength. It is this dynamic change of orientation that is key to circles & corners AND has you clear in what you’re doing, but adaptable to the moment.
Day 15 - Body mapping
Day 16 - Pearl on a string
Day 17 - Feet Movements
Day 18 - Reeducation of the eyes
Day 19 - Hands inverted
Day 20 - Rolling the head/bending the legs
Day 21 - Integrating the pelvis and head

Week 4

Experience Spine Like A Wave

At first glance, these 7 sessions allow you to feel the wave-like ability of your spine, essential to the sitting trot, where every vertebra is individual, but together they move in harmony. This physical freedom allows you to absorb the motion of the more jarring or tension. But a deeper look at this ability reveals an emotional freedom that comes from having control over your body...amplify your movements, make them quieter...all needed in riding and now in your rider toolkit to use as you choose.
Day 22 - Posture Oscillating
Day 23 - Stepping to connect foot to head
Day 24 - Swivel Legs
Day 25 - Hand around the clock
Day 26 - Pelvic clock
Day 27 - Turning in sitting
Day 28 - Heels under the pelvis

Plus, 2 Additional Days…

Day 29 - Eyes on the back of your head
Day 30 - Dantien lesson

To compliment your at home progress
you’re also going to get...

4 ‘Perfect Practice’ Sessions you can do on your horse or before you ride.

We’ve all heard the saying:

'Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.'

But what does that mean? How does a rider make the switch?

This is what you experience in these sessions.

Each of the 4 sessions is a carefully guided practice that helps you…
  • Enjoy clear and achievable goals right away on your horse,
  • Gain immediate, detailed feedback from your horse and know how to use it to improve your ride,
  • Break mastery into mini-repeatable goals,
  • Detect a setback early on and transform it into a constructive riding experience
  • Boost your self esteem by deflecting tension & effort & frustration with your new skills of movement & awareness options for ease 

Lifetime access to Monthly ‘Flowing Rider Gatherings’

Twice a month we have live call where you can
These sessions are open to riders in all the courses, because…
- ask questions
- post video for feedback
- share your riding successes
- and much, much more...
It’s all connected, so all the questions and answers benefit every rider no matter what stage of riding she’s at or discipline she rides.

Lifetime access to private ‘Flowing Rider’ FB Group

Here you can meet other women from around the world who are on the same riding journey as you! It’s a kind, supportive community where we empower and encourage one another!

To compliment your at home progress
you’re also going to get...

When you join today, you’ll gain access to…
  • The Full Women Rider Restoration 30-Day Course (Value: $197)
  • BONUS #1: The 4 “Perfect Practice” Sessions (Value: $147)
  • BONUS #2: Lifetime access to Monthly ‘Flowing Rider Gatherings’ (Priceless)
  • BONUS #3: Lifetime access to private ‘Flowing Rider’ FB Group (Priceless)

Total Value: $344

One-payment of $97
2 payments of $59

What makes the Woman Rider Restoration Course Different?

The Woman Rider Restoration Course is the rare and unique combination of movement and riding improvement together.

Truly a ‘movement ability, improve coordination & posture health’ game changer, in this comprehensive course you will work on your body, bring about improved fitness without injuring yourself, and know exactly how to apply your new ease and flow into your riding.
As your body ‘re-organizes’, you experience dynamic changes of orientation, calm, and a body that cooperates with your requests.

Bad habits and stiffness that once seemed like you’d be ‘fixing’ till your dying day is now behind you.
This course, based on the Feldenkrais Method®, is particularly suitable for riders because a rider needs to be stable yet dynamic, soft but powerful, clear in what you’re doing but adaptable to the moment.

Awaken a new, genuine trust and self-esteem in you, your body, and your riding potential.

Join Woman Rider Restoration Today!

This course is live, but no worries if you can’t attend, you have lifetime access to the recordings.

This way you can follow along, do them at your pace, revisit them as often as you please, wherever works best for you.


You’re backed by my
14-day “Restoration” Guarantee

This course exists to help you find lasting functional body freedom in and out of the saddle and to actualize your full potential as a rider. If you go through the first 14 sessions, take the action necessary and complete your coursework, and don’t feel like this was the best use of your investment then at the end of 14 days, we’ll happily refund your investment. All you have to do is show us your completed coursework and we’ll promptly send you a refund.

My name is Heather Beachum. I have been working exclusively with women riders since 2010, having added online courses in 2014.

My focus on the specific needs of the mature woman rider provides support for riders getting back into the saddle to those working on their USDF Silver Medal.

I am a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, have a Masters in Landscape Design and a BA in French Literature and speak French fluently.

I spent years in the ballet studio and the gym doing weights and on the floor stretching. But still, when I got on my horse, I knew in my head what I wanted my body to do, but it wouldn’t cooperate, and the harder I tried the worse everything got.

Then I discovered the Feldenkrais Method®, and that’s when it hit me, and changed the course of my riding life forever…

I realized that when I stop doing these fitness regimes I lose what I gained, I end up back at square 1.

I learned to differentiate fitness from learning because when you learn a skill you keep it, it’s yours forever.

So with Feldenkrais® came a completely new concept of how to improve how I move on and off my horse.

I learned how, instead of relying on grit and determination and pushing through the burn, I learned how to use my attention well and listen to my body - this is how I could make steady progress on my horse without injury or force.

I use my background as a Feldenkrais® teacher with my experience of getting back into the saddle myself as a mature woman to create courses where the movement sequences weave together to restore your body with coordination, a stable suppleness, a relaxed action on your horse, and a rejuvenation of your heart and self-esteem.

Restore flow to your mature body and bring it into the saddle with ease.

Join Woman Rider Restoration Today!

When you join today, you’ll gain access to…
  • The Full Women Rider Restoration 30-Day Course (Value: $197)
  • BONUS #1: The 4 “Perfect Practice” Sessions (Value: $147)
  • BONUS #2: Lifetime access to Monthly ‘Flowing Rider Gatherings’ (Priceless)
  • BONUS #3: Lifetime access to private ‘Flowing Rider’ FB Group (Priceless)

Total Value: $344

One-payment of $97
2 payments of $59