Special Workshop For Women Riders
Who Say To Themselves “Someday I’ll Get It”...

Discover How To Use Your Body To
Be A Quiet, Effective, Elegant Rider & Finally Claim The Gorgeous Classical Line

If you want to know why you haven’t been making consistent progress in your lessons and finally turn your riding plateaus & tension into stacked alignment & movement, this is the workshop for you!

Brave Horse Riding Lady, I see you... out there trying SO hard in your lessons, taking lots of action, and willing to put in all that extra hard work to ride effectively and elegantly.


  • Being proactive about your progress - you’re always looking to learn something new!
  • Taking your instructors comments to heart, applying them over and over and over
  • Coping with aches & pains determined not to let them stop you from trying to improve your contact

All of this (and more) shows just how deep and steadfast your devotion is to your 1200 pound companion and unwavering commitment to be the most lovely rider you can possibly be. You have every reason to be proud of every ride.


That even after all of your hard work and commitment you still don’t have a lovely seat that’s consistently soft and
elastic *aghhhhh*...

So while you absolutely LOVE riding, wouldn’t trade it for
anything in the world, this snail’s pace progress is
NOT what you were hoping for.

Truth be told, it drags you down. Waaay down. But when you get going about all the hard work you put into your riding lessons, your eyes shine bright with passion: you LOVE talking about horseback riding.

You and I are kindred spirits, in that way. :)

I was proud of my hard work and effort I put into my riding, loved swapping stories with my fellow riders, testing out new finds from the tack store, and putting in extra hours for fitness.

But for years, I felt like I was checking all the "you're supposed to do this" boxes... but still I felt like I was scratching the surface on my riding potential. Where was my steady progress? Why wasn’t my body doing what I wanted? And shouldn't I be able to implement what my instructors tell me, or at the very least, modify what they tell me because of my injuries, so that I can experience more elegant riding?

You and I are passionate, mature women riders. We're devoted to our horse and the freedom of being in harmony with him.

And if ‘Try Hard’ or ‘Do More’ were the answers to our challenges, every one of us women riders on the planet would have a long, lovely classical line, but that’s NOT what’s happening.


The classical line is the most natural way to be on a
horse (and you have what it takes to be there no
matter what age you are!) BUT...


The common approaches
we’re taught simply do NOT address
the unique needs we mature women riders have.

Whether you rode as a child and are now finding your body won't do what it used to or you always dreamed of riding and are just now hopping in the saddle, your body is an intricate, intuitive piece of art and it can’t and won’t be forced into the ease and elegance of the Classical Line.

Think about it… forced ease?

So while fitness and biomechanics videos and books add to your intellectual understanding of the Classical Line…. Giving you the “I know what I want my body to do” info… it doesn’t actually tell you HOW to do it. And more importantly, how to KEEP it.

In fact, if you have bad or old riding habits built up and then add fitness and stretching exercises on top of them, you end up reinforcing your imbalances versus eliminating them. 

That’s why so many riders talk about how their results disappear when they stop exercises or stretching… It's because fitnes and biomechanics don’t actually solve the root cause of their tension and imbalances.

What is the root cause? And how DO we solve it and the frustrating side effects keeping us from the ever beautiful Classical Line?

The answers might surprise you...

Whether you’re tilted, slanted, lop-sided or crunched
up because of aging, injuries, bad habits, surgeries or
any other reason…

There is a time-tested technique proven to reprogram
your alignment and get you into the Classical Line…
and I’m going to teach it to you :)

Hi, I’m Heather Beachum, Founder of Riding for Women, Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM, and Movement Specialist. Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped 100s of women riders experience consistent accomplishment, confidence, and fluidity in the saddle, no matter what age they are.

My clients have placed higher in riding shows, significantly reduced neck, back and shoulder pain, and experienced full transformations in their rides using my simple mounted and unmounted techniques.

And if there’s one myth I wish everyone would forget it’s that the Classical Line is only for the young or the lucky few. Because it’s simply NOT true.

The key to the Classical Line is hidden in the Classical Line itself. See, the reputation of the Classical Line is that it’s to look beautiful and win first place show ribbons. But I’m here to tell you it’s SO MUCH more than that. Way more.

Above all else, the Classical Line is a place of FUNCTION. It is the home of rhythm & relaxation without which nothing good happens. Only when you know how to access the Classical Line can you experience the steady progress and harmony you want.

Which unfortunately too many instructors don’t know about and as a result can’t educate you on.

However, you’re not stuck. Not anymore. The fortunate side here is that this is exactly what I do - and why I do it. After I discovered the secret to breaking bad habits and how to claim the Classical Line, I knew more women riders needed this and ultimately why I began to teach it.

I’m hosting a very special, one-time weekend workshop to pass on the transformation and I’d absolutely love for you to be there!


The Classical Line Workshop Weekend

100% Virtual, Zero Travel Required

October 23 - 25, 2020

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about how to create stacked alignment over the past 10 years as a movement specialist for women riders, plonked it down into a simple, teachable structure that any rider can master -- and now you’re getting it too.

In 2 years, I went from stiff, rigid, and frustrated to supple, effective, and calm. Now? One of the world’s top horsemen pointed to me and said “That’s exactly how you should ride.”  And my riding continues to consistently soften, align, and progress - and I’ve helped more than 200 women do the same.

I’m handing over the step-by-step system I used to get there… to you.

"I’m Cantering Happily And Making Steady Progress!"

"Before I started working with Heather, I was held back in my riding from tension trying to hold myself in place, holding my breath, and a fear of falling. I was taking lessons with excellent instructors, riding regularly, working on my physical fitness, particularly my core, but the improvements were minimal, at best.

Since I've been working with Heather, I recognize how I've been fighting myself and not even knowing it. Now, I’m cantering happily and in a lovely circle!!!! I LOVE it!

Also, I have rediscover balance and relaxation in the saddle, and with it, my joy of riding. My new accomplishments bring respect to my horse’s body and mind, and we are now making steady progress together. Heather has helped me in a way no riding instructor ever has! Thank You Heather!

Mar Lyons

"The Difference In The Way I Ride Is Glorious!"

“Before working with Heather all the effort I put into my riding left me tense with labored breathing which made my horse stiff and unresponsive.

Her program gave me so much insight into myself, my body and my mind, and through it I have improved my body awareness, and the difference in the way I ride is glorious. I have greater self-confidence, and my horses are happy and much more connected with me and vice versa. This is the most fantastic course I have had the privilege to be part of. I cannot thank Heather enough for sharing her knowledge and expertise.”

Ann Evans


Here’s What You’ll Accomplish When You
Attend TCL Workshop Weekend


You’ll pinpoint your current postural imbalances.


You’ll recalibrate your posture to be centered & balanced. 


You’ll break bad/old riding habits you once thought right that are actually stifling progress.


You’ll create new, harmony-inducing habits that instantly turn tension into soft effectiveness.


You’ll discover how to apply your new habits so you effortlessly follow the motion of your horse.

Plus, You’re Going To Get Definitive
Answers To Questions Like...

  • I want to be more connected to my horse. How does the Classical Line help me do that and exactly how do I do it?
  • “How do I create a neutral pelvis without rubbing my lady parts raw?”
  • “I know I’m supposed to sit straight, but how do I do it without being rigid or concaving my back?”
  • “I really struggle with my stirrups. How do I make my legs drape naturally under me and create that ear to ankle plumb line?”
  • “It feels like I’m fighting myself and blocking my horse. How do I get him to come through from behind?”
  • “How do I break bad habits… FAST?”

And clear answers to these gems, too...

  • “Is it really possible that my eyes can help me rock my horse back onto his hind end?”
  • “I have arthritic knees/tight hips/bad balance/old injuries. How do I get my whole body to coordinate?”
  • “I do core strength exercises. It works sometimes, but when I stop, it stops working. What do I need to do to stay stabilized during a powerful extended trot? ”
  • “I don’t know what to do! I need to practice, but if I’m practicing bad habits, what good does that do? How do I turn my practice time into productive results?”
  • “How do I stop all this tension? It feels so awkward and ugly!”
  • “How can I lengthen, head to toe, into that long, beautiful classical line? GIVE ME THE SECRETS!”

But above all else…

TCL Workshop Weekend will give you the inner understanding and confidence to finally generate consistent riding progress and make the life-changing leap from working hard for little results to giving yourself balance, calm, harmony and freedom on your horse — and the elegant classical line you’ve always wanted. 

Guaranteed you’ll see a difference on your very next ride!

"I Was So Surprised With How Quickly My Riding Changed!"

"Before I started Heather’s program I was dealing with injuries and fear issues around cantering.

I saw Heather's program, and was very hesitate to enroll at first, thinking this couldn't possibly help me. But I just felt it was the right thing for me to do, so I signed up, and am I happy I did!

Shortly after starting with Heather changes in my riding happened quickly. Right away I began to ride without tension, being centered in my saddle and my hands got more quiet.

Now, I'm cantering happily, and I just did an obstacle competition and it was so great to just stop at each place and know exactly how my weight was balanced in my seat, where my legs were, my feet in the stirrups and where my hands were. We got great scores! And I never felt rushed. I plan to ride a lot this spring and summer and will be listening to my mounted sessions as I go along in my riding. Thank you, Heather!"

Judi Qualls

Say ‘Good-bye’ to pitched forward and slumped back…

Say ‘Hello, Gorgeous!” to your quiet, effective, elegant classical line.


The Classical Line Workshop Weekend
is NOT your average riding workshop

Here’s a side-by-side comparison so you can see why TCL is so unique - and how it helps create breakthroughs for you that traditional workshops can’t.



Online videos keep instruction surface-level

Knows the value of real-life experience. Start with biomechanics then transform information into know-how so you can feel the little differences that make big differences to sit quietly in all the gaits.

In-person tells you the same thing over and over again

Goes out of its way to cover the 3 critical pillars of lasting change: breaking bad habits, establishing new ones, and experiencing it in action instantly first hand. That’s how, you stop overthinking your position.

Do not include mature women riders’ needs and solutions.

Limps; computer shoulders; aches and pains;
bad riding habits; not knowing how to move your body without tension; all happen as we age. There is a saying in my profession, “Your brain is smarter that you are.” By resolving problems, discovering new & untapped potential while unmounted, your very smart brain will recalibrate your alignment both on and off your horse.

Focus on practice makes perfect

Provides a ‘perfect practice’ plan in your bonus Classical Line Mounted Sessions.

Require travel, hotel, and food expenses.  Costly and exhausting.

Walk to your den in your slippers then later get lunch from your fridge.  At the end of the day walk back to the kitchen for a cup of tea or glass of wine feeling great in your body.

Leave it up to you to know how to implement what you learn.

Personalized support in your bonus 1:1 Classical Line Call, and forever in the private Facebook group.

The TCL Workshop Weekend is the ONLY riding workshop for mature women riders that arms you with the deeper, “inner understanding” of how to get your body to do what you want with the practical, how-to techniques you need to bring your new alignment into the saddle. No matter how bad you think your bad habits are or what injuries or surgeries you’re working around…

When you attend, you’re going to walk away with a proven solution to your riding plateaus and frustrations, and a beeaauuutiful classical line you’ll be so proud of.

What’s Happening When

(The Agenda)

Friday, October 23, 2020

Day One

Pinpoint your postural imbalance then recalibrate your alignment so you stack naturally from head to toe. You’ll experience how true lengthening happens for that long classical line (it has nothing to do with flexibility, lifting or pushing). After day 1, you’ll never hear heels down, shoulders back or look up again :)

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Day Two

Your balance & your alignment are one and the same thing, and you’ll experience their connection when you find out what your sit bones are really for. Then you’ll discover the 3 main functions of the Classical Line, and apply your new posture to your new seat.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Day Three

Discover the secrets to sitting quietly in all the gaits. Day 3 is part breaking bad habits, part relearning productive habits, and part learning how to apply them to effortlessly sitting the motion of the horse. Day 3 is a day that will change every single ride for the rest of your days.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Extra Mounted Sessions Released

Oh, did I mention there are extras! Read on below :)

(Weekend Workshop Value is $297)

Because I love surprising my ladies,
when you join today you also get these calm and
confident Classical Line Special Extras…

EXTRA #1: The 6 Complete Classical Line Mounted Sessions  

Take everything you gained from the unmounted portion of our workshop directly onto your horse, these Classical Line Mounted Sessions are specifically designed for you to ‘feel’ your horse, and skillfully influence his movements.

You’ll walk away feeling empowered having improved your horse's movement by knowing exactly what to do to improve your own. And your horse will exhale and soften, and turn to look at you with a soft eye that says ‘thank you.’

You’ll experience:

  • What a correct seat feels like
  • How to shape your body for the next movement and transition
  • Why the weight aids are your greatest aid, and how to create them with subtle shifts in your body
  • The sweet spot of moving with your horse & sitting quietly at the same time
  • Your horse naturally stepping through from behind and becoming more rhythmic
  • His weight shift back then his poll flexing - on its own as part of his balance and your balance coming together as one
  • The single most important purpose of the Classical Line, and the true power of it


EXTRA #2: A FREE 45-minute Private Classical Line Call with me

Have you ever heard the saying “you can’t see your own blind spots”? That’s exactly what your Private Classical Line Call is all about. Let me help you clear away any questions you have about your alignment and create a custom plan to help you make the Classical Line your every-ride experience. During this call, you’ll:

  • Pinpoint the specific challenges you’re currently facing around the Classical Line
  • Discover where you’re unintentionally fighting yourself and getting in your own way
  • Receive a personalized plan of hand-picked Feldenkrais? techniques to help you quickly claim the Classical Line

This is a PERFECT compliment to your bonus Classical Line Mounted Sessions!


EXTRA #3: LIFETIME ACCESS To Classical Line Workshop Recordings, Material & Extras

Visit, revisit, go through the workshop at your own pace, whatever is best for you can happen because you can always access your Classical Line Creation Sequences, presentations, and Classical Line Mounted Sessions.

Value: $497

When you add it all up, that’s a total
real-world value of $1526.

But for the only time in 2020, you can
join The Classical Line Weekend Workshop for just…

Horse Budget Friendly

2 Bi-Weekly Payments of


(easy plan)

Best Value

One Payment of


(save $77)

The Riding For Women Promise

Take 30 Days to Get (And Stay) Aligned With The Classical Line.

The best part about the Classical Line Workshop Weekend? You don’t have to wait a year (heck, you don’t even have to wait a month) to see lasting results. 

I’m confident that this workshop is the answer to your riding frustrations and plateaus. To show you just how much… if you’re not experiencing a lovely seat on every ride (or aren’t able to quickly correct it while on your horse), have no fear — you’re completely free to change your mind. (Yes, even AFTER you’ve soaked up the workshop!)

If for whatever reason you decide The Classical Line Workshop Weekend was not the right decision for you, your horse, or your riding, within 30 days of day 1 of the workshop, simply shoot me an email containing your completed workshop curriculum and I’ll happily return 100% of your money.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by learning what I’m going to teach you during the workshop (well, unless you count the bad habits, frustrations, and pains that are going to melt away! :)

Not even COVID can stop you from making progress
in your ride anymore. With The Classical Line
Workshop Weekend, you have the freedom to
genuinely (& quickly) improve your posture, balance,
and alignment in between your barn visits.

Just check out Lana’s story about her transformation, even though she wasn’t riding consistently...

"My horse jumped up a river bank.  I was able to go with him every step and felt confident doing so!"

“Before working with Heather, I hadn't ridden for a bit, and was not brave enough to canter.

Then after a couple of classes I went on a trail ride, not only did my horse break into a trot, but he cantered and jumped up a river bank. I was able to go with him every step, and felt confident doing so!

I highly recommend Heather's class as a way to improve your hips and your riding, even if you aren't riding at the time. Thank you, Heather!"

Lana Tyler, Greeley, Colorado

“The Judge's comments now include FLOWING, FORWARD and ROUND!”

“Before I worked with Heather I struggled with imbalances and tension, not sitting evenly, holding my breath and unsteady contact. None of the instructors or courses I took helped me. I felt overwhelmed because I was on a vicious cycle of tension with my horse.

Shortly after Heather’s program began, I was able to makes the changes I want in my riding, and that has resulted in me being a more consistent rider. I also received my highest marks yet winning a first and fourth place.

Now, I’m enjoying my riding again, my lessons are happier and more productive for my horse, and judge’s comment now include “flowing, forward and round!” Thank you, Heather, riding is fun again.”

Angela Wilson, Bolton England


Register For The Classical Line Workshop Weekend…


When you need to honor your body and adopt a more loving approach to get the results you want. Whether because of arthritis, computer shoulder, past injuries or surgeries, your body is asking, no begging, for a solution that doesn’t cause you more pain and frustration.


When you’ve TRIED building core strength and lengthening your muscles through stretching, but noticed that if you stop your workouts you lose what you gained, getting stuck back at square one. 


When you’ve experienced a string of bad trainers and now you have to relearn what to do/break bad habits you previously thought were right. You’ve got a big mess on your hands and you feel like you’ll be correcting it for the rest of your days.


When you understand that you don’t have a string of decades ahead of you like you used to to figure this all out on your own. Now more than ever, your rides are more precious and riding with ease, joy, and confidence is the greatest gift for you and your horse.


When you’re sick of instructors telling you... “heels down, shoulders back, eyes up, sit soft, sit up, loose rein, tight rein, more leg, less leg, be strong in the abs, relaxed and soft through my lower back, loose in the shoulders but heavy in the elbows…” 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: There are other riding programs… How is Classical Line Workshop Weekend different?

I LOVE this question. Hands down, there are great riding programs out there.

You can work with an instructor in group and private lessons. I’ve personally taken thousands of hours in riding lessons, read every well-known book on riding, watched videos, used metaphors & visualization, sat on swivel chairs, and gone through multiple fitness & stretching programs. All of which are valuable in their own right.

However, you will not find a training program out there like Classical Line Workshop Weekend.

Instead of pointing out what you need to fix, drilling you with information, and telling you what you’re doing wrong, what I teach you breaks bad habits previously thought to be right, you relearn an ease you thought long gone that recalibrates your center and your balance and transforms your muscle memory from pitched forward or slumped back into the classical line that happens automatically.

I teach you easy ways to build on top of that so you know in your bones the how and why of what you do to ride with the classical line in all the gaits.

You will not experience an empowerment like this anywhere else.

Q2: What happens in the mounted lesson?

This is such a great question as the Classical Line Mounted Sessions mounted lessons are completely unique.

Your mounted lesson is downloaded onto the device of your choice. From there, have you and your horse in a place where you feel safe, that might be a round pen or an open field, you may prefer to be alone or with people around...it’s entirely up to you.

Then the recording guides you through a session that brings everything you learned during the workshop onto your horse. It is specifically designed for you to learn how to allow your horse move freely and to follow this movement. You feel what a “correct” seat is, and how to direct your horse with simple shifts in your weight that he can feel, but keep you centered and safe.

Q3. Do I have to canter in the mounted lesson?

You do not have to canter.

Every recording is done at the walk, and I recommend you start there even if you are a very advanced rider. Once you have gone through it, feel free to revisit the lesson at the trot or canter if you want to.

Q4: What if I don’t have my own horse… can I still join!

Absolutely! And not only that, you’ll get 3x more out of every hour you ride whether you’re on a leased horse, a friend’s horse or a lesson horse.

Here’s the reason...the classes, unmounted and mounted session develop your “circuitry,” your “muscle memory,” your “habit” of being centered and stable so you arrive at the barn feeling prepared and confident.

This is the only program that can give you this rewarding learning experience.

Q5: Can I still join if I don’t live near you in the U.S.?

Definitely! In fact, every rider I’ve supported over the past 7 years has been entirely online whether she lives nearby or abroad.

Below you can read about some of these women from around the world who transformed the way they ride from gripping, holding and struggling to riding quietly, feeling calm and confident emboldening them to take on new riding adventures.

This is the only program that delivers the highly prized quality in riding of being square in the middle of your horse automatically - these ladies did it with ease and so can you.

Q6: What is my time commitment to be part of the “Classical Line Workshop Weekend?”

The unmounted portion of the workshop is 12 hours (3 days x 4 hours). The mounted portion is 3 hours (6 rides x .5 hours).

You can join the unmounted workshop live and/or go through the program at your own pace because you have lifetime access to the program, materials and bonuses.

Just as with any training, you will still need to set time aside in order to complete each module. Many of the women who have gone through the program have reported that this training replaced many of the outdated exercises they were trying previously. You’ll find that you actually save time by going through them because you’ll be eliminating old techniques that get you fighting yourself. 

Q7: I’m dealing with pain from arthritis...I’m not flexible….I’m not in shape...can I really do the Classical Line Workshop Weekend?

YES! In fact, this workshop is perfect for you because it will bring you the best functioning possible for your situation, and may very possibly get rid of stiffness and pain entirely - I can say this because it has for dozens upon dozens of women riders just like you!

Q8: I have knee replacement, hip replacement, various plates and screws...can the Classical Line Workshop Weekend really help me?

YES! Bring your hardware because many, many riders before you already have. You will walk away with the best possible outcome of mobility and stability from the program. Above you can read about Judi Qualls, who had ankle replacement, and hear what she gained from working with me.

Q9: Do I need to buy any special equipment to do this program?

That depends. Here’s what you need to do this workshop… a stool or chair with no arms, a place to sit and lay down, a device to watch the recordings, and a device to listen to the mounted sessions.

You may find you already have these items available to you right now.

Q10: What if I have questions about the program as I go through it? Is there any support for me?

YES! I am here to answer any questions you may have in our private facebook group. You have lifetime access, and I’m in there consistently so you’ll have your answer in no time. 

Q11: I’m not riding at the moment, will I still benefit from Classical Line Workshop Weekend?

YES! This workshop is a combination of unmounted and mounted sessions. You can gain all the benefit from the unmounted session, and when you are riding again you can just take everything you’ve gained right into the saddle with you.

This was Lana’s experience with this program, and you can read more about her above.

Q12: What can I expect once I sign up?

You’ll receive an email from me with all the details for your Classical Line Workshop Weekend... how to attend live, how to access your private Membership Dashboard with the recordings and class materials, how to join our private Facebook group...all the juicy stuff.

From there, all you have to do is enjoy your classes and what your horse has to say about the new you!

Your Workshop Instructor: Heather Beachum

"To many, the words love, hope and dreams are synonymous with horses."

~ Author Unknown

Heather Beachum is dedicated to women horseback riders 40+ to ride with a calm, quiet posture, dissolve bad habits and develop new skills with ease.

If you are looking for a proven professional who can guide you in resolving tension, inconsistency and not being able to move your body the way you would like to, you’ve come to the right place.  With 10 years of experience working with 100’s of amazing riders in 6 countries with similar worries and concerns, and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, Heather’s mission and commitment is to support you in riding with the classical line as you and your horse cover the ground together.

Her path to become a Feldenkrais® practitioner became clear when she returned to riding as an adult, and soon discovered that the fearless rider of her youth is now a sensible woman in a different body.  It was heartbreaking for her to see her horse happy when someone else rode him, but struggling and unhappy when she was in the saddle.  All traditional approaches brought a meager, if any return, so she trained as a movement professional to learn how effortless movement is recaptured and brought into her riding so she and her horse can love all their rides together.

Clients say remarkable things about the impact her work has had on their riding and connection to their horse.  Example comments, 

“Heather has profoundly improved my ‘seat’ in no other way that any other instructor has been able to over my 30 years of riding.  I have never sat so deep in the saddle with such a secure feeling …,” 

“Her Feldenkrais techniques have helped me sit a better trot and improve my rein contact,” 

“....rather than trying to create the moment. I was able to just "BE" in the moment. It was amazing to feel my horse relax and "GO" with the moment too.”

The decades are flying by, and the truth is there are no more decades to wait.  Your time is now, and just like these ladies, you CAN do.

Let’s Do This!

Claim The Classical Line & Register For TCL Workshop Weekend Now Before It’s Closed For 2020

When you add it all up, that’s a total
real-world value of $1526.

Horse Budget Friendly

2 Bi-Weekly Payments of


(easy plan)

Best Value

One Payment of


(save $77)

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