The Innocent Mistake That Almost Every Rider Is Taught That Keeps Them Stiff, Jarring, Jack Hammering, And Bouncing In The Saddle


Tired of Jack-hammering and bouncing in the saddle? In this workshop you’ll discover the one big mistake that’s keeping you from experiencing a smooth ride. You’ll also get a recording of the training at no additional cost!

Workshop date: November 28, 2017, 10am-12:30pm EST on Zoom

Join me and discover:

·         This big mistake that makes you a misery to your horse, and stuck on a riding plateau, and how to quickly turn it around

·         What your instructor is really trying to teach you, and how to get it right away

·         The #1 secret to natural alignment and flow so you and your horse can relax as you cover the ground together

·         And much more (there isn’t an email long enough to share all the great stuff and subtle nuances I’ll be sharing with you 😉

Here’s how it works:

This live workshop masterclass is only happening once. And because there are only so many spots available on the conference system, space is limited.

If you aren’t able to attend live, you can get the recording of the training at no additional cost. Once you register, you are guaranteed a recording of the training. You’ll have lifetime access so you review and watch it again and again.

This is an in-depth special 2-hour training. Be sure to bring pencil and paper, and a stool (or chair without arms).

The investment is $97.