Riding For Women

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I understand that inside this powerful
10-class program, I will discover...

CLASS 1: Your Flexibility Foundation

  • Uncover the #1 mistake that keeps you stuck in a cycle of stiffness and pain (This causes more women riders to quit than anything else!)
  • Discover how to create lasting mobility in the hips no matter how long you’ve been riding or how old you are

CLASS 2: The Key To Free Hips

  • Discover the #1 shift that frees your hips that allows you to mount and dismount with ease
  • Unlock your “hidden” source of struggle and release it for lasting give in your hips (Hint: It’s NOT actually in
    the hips! ;-)

CLASS 3: How To Bring Your New Mobility Into The Saddle

  • Find out why all the hard work you’re doing to fix your hips actually has you working against yourself
  • ?There’s one BIG nuance when it comes to getting your hips to move and engage with your horse. HERE IT IS!

CLASS 4: The “Yarn & Foot” Method

  • Why most hip stretches are not helping and what to do instead
  • ?If you want a deep, soft seat...discover what the “Yarn & Foot” Method is and how it’s the secret to releasing
    knotted and tangled, tight hips

CLASS 5: The Secret To Buttery Hips

  • Create new, “positive” riding habits that keep your hips free and comfortable
  • ?Discover how to effectively sit in the saddle so you can stay in the saddle for as long as you want

CLASS 6: One Thing You’ve been Taught That Keeps Your Hips Stiff and Hurting...and How To Open Them Once and For All

  • Discover the 3-word “false-truth” that has been passed down to you by parents, school teachers and riding
    instructors that blocks your hips
  • How to create a neutral pelvis so your legs drap long and you can carry yourself with poise on your horse (and your horse can now move under you, as opposed to trying to carry you)

CLASS 7: The Link Between Flowing Hips and a Flowing Seat (You’ll be stunned!)

  • Uncover how your movement is transmitted from your hips to the rest of your body
  • ?Reconnect with the natural flow of the ride so you move with your horse AND sit quietly at the same time

CLASS 8: Your Balance and Fluidity Jumpstart

  • Discover how to stay connected to balance and fluidity in your hips throughout your ride
  • ?Simple off-the-horse exercises that will ensure your new, soft hips stay soft forever

CLASS 9: The “Eye See You” Strategy

  • Learn how using your eyes can free up your hips for a centered, soft seat
  • ?Uncover why one of your hip gets tighter than the other, and how to use the “Eyes See You” Strategy to quickly shift them to relaxed and happy :)

CLASS 10: Lock In Your Head-to-Heel Alignment

  • Discover how to align your body so you can stop gripping your hips to try and stay on
  • Unlock the sweet spot in your hips so you flow with your horse and you ride all day

The Hips Of Ease And Flow Program includes all 10 pre-recorded classes. Once you register you will immediately receive an email granting you LIFETIME ACCESS to your training.

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Plus, I Also Understand I Get This Incredible Bonus When I Join Right Now...

12 - LIVE “Ride Forever” Group Mentoring Calls

Join Heather each month for your “Ride Forever” group mentoring call (12 months total) where you will...

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to bring your new learning into the saddle
  • Connect with fellow women riders who support and celebrate you, and exchange stories of growth and success with each other
  • Ask Heather any question about creating an effortless ride
  • And much much more!

Value: $564

You’re backed by my
60-day “Buttery Hips” Guarantee

This program is specifically designed to help you to find lasting ease and flow in your hips, and how to take the into the saddle with you. If you go through the entire program, take the action necessary and complete your coursework and still don’t feel like this was the best use of your investment that at the end of 60 days, we’ll happily refund your investment. All you have to do is show us your completed coursework and we’ll promptly send you a refund.

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Hips of Ease and Flow

BONUS: 12 “Ride Forever” Group Mentoring Calls

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