Riding For Women

Hips of Ease and Flow!

Yes Heather! I’m Ready For
Buttery Hips So I Can Melt Into The
Saddle and Flow With My Horse Today!

I understand that inside this powerful
7-class program, I will discover...

CLASS 1: Flexibility Foundation

  • Uncover the #1 biggest cause of hip misery and crookedness in the saddle (this causes more women riders to quit more than anything else!)
  • Discover the “secret system” that creates mobility in the hips no matter how long you’ve been riding or how old you are

CLASS 2: How To Unlock Your Hips

  • During class 2, we’ll pinpoint the source of your hip struggle. Most people find this counter-intuitive when they first hear about and is a HUGE eye-opener for them.
  • Discover the ONE shift that releases your source of struggle and unlocks lasting give in your hips

CLASS 3: 3 Steps To Bring Your New Mobility Into The Saddle

  • If you want to have nuance in your riding, you must have THIS! You will never have true balance without this.
  • How to use your new ability and mobility with your hips to can give your horse clear, gentle cues he can appreciate

CLASS 4: The “Yarn & Foot” Method

  • If you want your leg to drape softly around your horse...discover what the “Yarn & Foot” Method is and how to use it to weight evenly in your stirrups!
  • Learn how the “Yarn & Foot” Method also helps your horse go straight in and bend easily

CLASS 5: How To Activate Your Built-In Shock Absorbers

  • In class 5, we’ll be looking at how the entire leg plays a role in your hip mobility. Discover the two built-in shock absorbers you already have that are directly linked to your hips.
  • Learn how to activate them to create endless flow so you can ride comfortably in the saddle for hours and hours

CLASS 6: Establish A Neutral Pelvis

  • The innocent mistake you’ve been taught that keeps your hips awkward, stiff and hurting
  • The secret to a neutral pelvis that gives you the ability sit with poise and allows your horse to move freely under you

CLASS 7: The Missing Link Between Flowing Hips and a Flowing Seat

  • Discover the one and only way you can absorb your horse’s motion as you cover the ground together
  • How to reconnect with the natural flow of the ride as you move as one with your horse AND sit quietly at the same time

The Hips Of Ease And Flow Program includes all 7 pre-recorded classes. Once you register you will immediately receive an email granting you LIFETIME ACCESS to your training.

Regular Program Value: $397.00


Just $197

  • I understand that this special offer is available this one time only, and it will never be offered again.

One Payment of $197

Three Payments of $79

Plus, I Also Understand I Get These Incredible Bonuses When I Join Right Now... 

This is what elegant riders have discovered, but don’t know how to articulate or teach. I’ve put together these three special masterclasses to help you shave years off your riding and guide you to a deeper level of refinement and elegance. You will not get training like this anywhere else!

BONUS #1: The “Eye See You” Strategy Masterclass

  • Learn how using your eyes can free up your hips for a centered, soft seat
  • Uncover why one of your hips gets tighter than the other, and how to use the “Eyes See You” Strategy to quickly shift them to relaxed and happy :)

Value: $97

BONUS #2: How To Lock In Your Head-to-Heel Alignment Masterclass

  • Discover how to naturally align your body so you can stop gripping your hips to hold yourself in place
  • Learn how to effortlessly find the sweet spot for ease in your hips so you can flow with your horse as you ride all day long under the sun and sky

Value: $97

BONUS #3: Jumpstart Your Balance and Fluidity Masterclass

  • Uncover the foundation to balance and fluidity (without this, you’ll always be fighting yourself and your horse in the saddle)
  • A simple off-the-horse exercise that will change how you ride forever (you’ll wonder why riding instructors don’t know about this)

Value: $97

Your Total Hips Of Ease And Flow Program Package

Hips of Ease and Flow




Total Value






Regular Investment $397

Your Special One-Time Offer $197

One Payment of $197

Three Payments of $79

You’re backed by my
60-day “Buttery Hips” Guarantee

This program is specifically designed to help you to find lasting ease and flow in your hips, and how to take the into the saddle with you. If you go through the entire program, take the action necessary and complete your coursework and still don’t feel like this was the best use of your investment that at the end of 60 days, we’ll happily refund your investment. All you have to do is show us your completed coursework and we’ll promptly send you a refund.

One Payment of $197

Three Payments of $79