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SPECIAL WORKSHOP for Riding For Women members!

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The Balance-Relaxation Cycle

A workshop for Riding For Women members who want to
be relaxed and balanced in the saddle!

Special invitation to attend for Riding For Women members only!

This free workshop is specifically designed to help you create a positive cycle of balance and relaxation in the saddle. You'll walk away with the rare ability to ride with the skill of relaxation.

During this time together, I'll take you through my proven process, step-by-step, and show you how.

Come learn:

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    Why relaxed riding is a skill (not a talent) that anyone can learn, and how to make it happen no matter how old you are
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    The 3 commonly taught riding strategies that keep you stiff and unstable on your horse
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    The "Relaxed Action" technique so you can head to the barn with confidence knowing your horse is happy that you are his rider
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    Go from “Someday I’ll get it” to “Today I got it!” with these 5 easy activities

And that's just for starters...here's more...

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    How to create a positive cycle of balance and relaxation for endless confidence
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    The #1 mistake that keeps you overthinking during your rides
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    Discover the biggest opportunity most riders miss that make you ride with feel and timing, and the simple action that turns it all around
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    Pinpoint where you are in the negative cycle of tension and crookedness, why you’re stuck there and how to shift it with ease
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    Develop a brain-body connection for relaxed and better riding that your horse will appreciate
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    Keep your Balance-Relaxation Cycle Guidebook as an at home, at barn resource
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    And much, much more...

This special workshop is 2-hour, live, online training with movement specialist Heather Beachum that focuses on transformation (vs. “correcting”) so you naturally create a positive cycle of balance and relaxation and can take what you learn right into the saddle with you.

This is workshop is free as a thank you to you as a member of the Riding For Women community.

It is the only time this workshop will be offered for free, and there will be no recording.

It’s happening LIVE this Saturday, July 21, from 10am-12 EDT (same as New York).  As soon as you register all the details will be sent to your inbox.

Spots are limited (there are only so many in the web-classroom) so claim your spot here!

Special Free Invitation for Riding For Women Members Only!

One thing I want to make clear right out of the gate is...

While my Balance-Relaxation Cycle System is great at teaching you the skill of relaxed riding, it is also great at helping you and your horse step out with long, swinging strides.

That's because…

Horses mirror their riders.

The fact is, your horse can only be as relaxed, balanced and flowing as you are. I have many riders that I’ve worked with over the years who struggled to progress in their riding and are now receiving judges' comments of forward and round, and other riders now happily cantering on their trail rides!

So my Balance-Relaxation Cycle System isn’t about quick fixes or short cuts. It’s about helping you truly create an incredible flow and riding experience with your horse - for years to come.

It’s helping you create the beautiful brain-body connection for balance and relaxation. You and your horse can finally feel as one, each and every ride!

Click the button below to claim your FREE spot while they are still available.

Special Free Invitation for Riding For Women Members Only!