Riding For Women

Flowing Rider Program

Is It Really Possible For An Amateur Woman To Ride With Fluidity Without Years of Stretching, Fitness, Effort or Practice?

Yes! And You’re About To
Discover Exactly How,

Why is it that some riders float effortlessly on their horse, while others are tense and crooked year after year - or worse - get stuck on the same riding plateau forever.

If you’ve ever struggled to ride with excellence and flow, this will be the most important letter you ever read.

I’m going to share with you exactly how to master the art of fluidity, but before I can, there are a few important questions for you to answer...

  • Is there a part of you that remembers the ease of riding as a youth, but are frustrated because you no longer have the brain-body connection for flow and timing?
  • Is your horse happy when someone else rides him, but unhappy when you do?
  • Do you ever feel old from stiff and creaky joints and muscles, and it takes the whole ride to loosen up if you do at all?
  • Do you ever wish you could stop overthinking and ride with relaxed attention so you can improve your scores?
  • Are mounting and dismounting painful and worrisome that you may actually fall?
  • Have you ever felt discouraged because you feel that the years have taken their toll on you so riding with fluidity just simply isn’t possible?
  • Do you want to know how to ride with excellence, ease, and flow so you can enjoy a sense of accomplishment each and every ride?

Can Riding with Fluidity Really Be Taught???

The short answer: yes. For the past 7 years, I’ve been helping women riders master the invisible and highly prized riding qualities such as fluidity, ease, and flow. Plus, skills like relaxed attention, relaxed action, and balance. As a Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM I’ve been able to help women move effortlessly without additional exercise regimens, stretching, or trainings.

Like many women riders, I returned to the saddle after years away. I rode as a young girl and when I took riding back up as an adult I quickly realized that the girl of my youth was now a mature woman in a very, very different body. Years of sitting at a desk, surgeries, sprained ankles, a broken arm... had me making compensations in my movement that made my riding awkward and crooked.

I signed up for more riding lessons. I gave my all, but my riding remained mechanical and stiff to the point that riding really just became an exercise in frustration. I was ready to quit again!

That’s when everything turned around...

How To Move Effortlessly With Your Horse

I learned there is a whole world beyond fitness and bio-mechanics when it comes to riding, I discovered a step-by-step system for effortless movement.

I went from complete inability to sit the trot to thinking nothing of it at all! All of a sudden I had quiet hands so my horse could soften and round. I could hardly believe it!

And it started to get people’s attention…

Other instructors wanted to know who I was riding with, some implied that I was an instructor (even though I wasn’t yet!) and they all wanted to know what my secret was.

Now, after helping hundreds of women over the past 7 years capture ease and flow on their horse, I can confidently tell you that if you're feeling frustrated and stunted in your riding, you're not alone. It’s completely normal.

In fact, from my work with women riders I know that there are 3 stages and 1 secret to be a flowing rider, when you don’t have them, keep you from fulfilling your dream of riding in a way that your horse loves and helps him do the job you are asking him to do.

Why Your Riding Isn’t Improving... Even Though You’re Taking Lessons, Working Out, Stretching, And Practicing All The Time...

Watching kids on any playground in the world shows how effortless we all moved at one time - going from running to skipping to hopping without a thought.

So what happened, where’d that girl go?

A life of high-heels, having babies, long commutes are daily practices that have cost our bodies dearly. Then there can be issues such as arthritis, surgeries, sprains and falls cause changes in our way of going, such as limping or straining…

The trouble comes in when this awkward way of moving becomes habit…. then we get into the saddle with this unproductive and undesirable habit and struggle to understand why there is such a huge gap between the way you ride and the way you want to ride.

Effort, fitness and practice are the common approaches to riding, but here’s why they are so ineffective, they do not get to the root cause of the problem, they do not teach how to create a way of riding that is effective and elegant. Doubt it? Check every book, watch every DVD, ask any instructor for a lesson in fluidity - I’m positive that you’ll not find a one, that you’ll be looked at like you’re crazy, and that told that it takes years and years to develop.

So decades go by, effort, time and money invested, but here’s the thing, fluidity can be taught…. and there are no more decades to wait.

That’s when I knew I couldn’t keep this to myself. I had to share it. People clearly wanted and needed my help. So I decided to create “The Flowing Rider Program,” to support women riders and help them effortlessly ride with ease and fluidity.

If you want to master fluidity, I have a special invitation for you.

I’m so committed to helping women horseback riders have effective skills with the highest level of quality that I’ve created a program specifically designed to teach you how to ride with fluidity.

The Flowing Rider Program

This is your DEEP DIVE into Fluidity. You’re going to walk away from this program with the rare ability to create lasting ease and flow in your body and fluidity in the saddle so you can ride with a greater grace and joy that your horse will value and appreciate.

In this powerful training, you’ll...

  • Create the brain-body connection for effortless movement and riding
  • Find out what you do everyday that keep you exhausted, stiff and crooked, and the 4 steps to turn it all around so everyday tasks become a pleasure and riding becomes easy
  • Eliminate that stiff, creaky feeling and create a head to toe ease of movement so you can gently follow your horse’s motion
  • Discover your secret weapon that gives you a supple body and lovely feel and timing on your horse so you can give the most subtle cues
  • Find out how building strength can be counterproductive
  • Gain confidence in your ability to easily develop refined riding skills no matter how old you are
  • Develop relaxed attention so you excel in your dressage test or jumping round
  • And much, much more...

Powerful topics include...

  • Masterclass #1:
    The #1 First Step to Head to Toe Fluidity
  • Masterclass #2:
    How To Always Be Centered In The Saddle (No Matter What Age, Weight, or Experience Level)
  • Masterclass #3: 
    The Cornerstone of Flexibility (Hint: it’s not stretching!)
  • Masterclass #4:
    Free Your Hips and Back For Swing In All The Gaits
  • Masterclass #5:
    Magic Ankles: How To Use Your Ankles To Eliminate Jackhammering, Jarring, And Rough Rides
  • Masterclass #6:
    The One Thing You’ve Been Taught (by parents and instructors) That Keeps Your Shoulders Tight, Sore, And Off Balance… And How To Free Them Once and For All
  • Masterclass #7:
    Hidden Tensions That Keep You Locked Up And How To Unravel Them
  • Masterclass #8:
    Comfortable Neck: The Secret To Lasting Ease In Your Head, Neck, and Shoulders
  • Masterclass #9:
    How To Easily Stay In Sync With Your Horse
  • Masterclass #10:
    Happy Knees: How To Stop Squeezing, Eliminate Aches, And Decrease Joint Pain
  • Masterclass #11:
    How To Get Rid of Back Pain And Gain Relaxed Rhythm With Your Horse
  • Masterclass #12:
    Spacious Spine: The “Secret Link” In Your Back That Is Responsible For Floating On Your Horse… And How To Access It
  • Masterclass #13:
    The #1 Root Cause of Tension In Your Ride And How To Eliminate It, Once And For All
  • Masterclass #14:
    The Foundation To Flowing Movement
  • Masterclass #15:
    The Most Locked Up Area In Your Body You Never Even Think About (Great Circles and Corners Can’t Happen Without It!)
  • Masterclass #16:
    Hands and Reins: How To Create A Connection With Your Horse That Feels GREAT For You And Your Horse
  • Masterclass #17:
    The Secret To A Gliding Walk (Hint: It’s The Same Thing That Gives You Suspension On Your Horse!)
  • Masterclass #18:
    Why Most Riders Stay Crooked In The Saddle… And The Small, Simple “Shift” That Completely Turns Your Ride Around!
  • Masterclass #19:
    Hips Of Butter: How To Use Your Hips To Stay On Your Horse
  • Masterclass #20:
    The SIMPLE Secret To Balance On Your Horse That Most People DON’T See (This will blow your mind!)
  • Masterclass #21:
    How To Find “The Sweet Spot” In Your Ride Where You Are Completely Stable, Yet In Flow With Your Horse
  • Masterclass #22:
    The “Unseen Skill” That Creates Grace In All Your Movements
  • Masterclass #23:
    Unlock Your Quiet Hands
  • Masterclass #24:
    The BIG Secret About Lengthening And How To Effortlessly Bring It Into Your Ride

Your 2018 program includes:

  • 24 live, online masterclasses (2 per month)
  • Unlimited access to all recordings so you can revisit them as often as you like
  • Guidebook to keep

The Flowing Rider Program Value: $2994

But you won’t pay that...

Plus, When You Join Now You Also Get Access To These Incredible Bonuses…

Bonus #1 - Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program

In this unmounted and mounted program, you learn what the common denominator is between Balance, Calm and Fluidity, and how to turn this knowledge into skill so you can have the deepest confidence and create a rewarding, meaningful ride with your horse each and every time.

In this powerful program, you’ll discover…

  • How to transform anxiety into lasting calm so you and your horse can be fully connected
  • The key to effortless balance so you can be centered and soft every ride
  • The #1 secret to fluidity to you can sit quietly in all the gaits
  • How to create a positive cycle of balance and relaxation for endless confidence
  • And much, much more...

Creating Ease: Unravel Your Source of Support

In the “Creating Ease” module, you’ll discover the connection between balance, calm and flow; and the 2 simple steps to create lasting ease and flow on your horse no matter how old you are!

Discover The Key to Lasting Calm

In the “Lasting Calm” module, you’ll find out why common strategies used by most riders for calm can actually increase anxiety, and demystify calm and make it your forever.

Find Your Cornerstone to Effortless Balance

In the “Effortless Balance” module, you’ll discover what ancient structures have to teach about being centered and soft in the saddle, and how to easily create a truly balanced seat without stretching, building strength, grit or determination.

Master the Art of Fluidity

In the “Art of Fluidity” module, you’ll discover the #1 myth most every rider has heard that actually makes you stiff and rigid, and how to turn that around to be the elegant rider you have always dreamed of.

Step Out With Long Swinging Strides

In the “Long Swinging Strides” module, you’ll discover the #1 fastest way make your horse tense and crooked and how to turn it around, and learn how to replace hours of practice with efficient learning curves so your horse can carry you with ease as you cover the ground together.

Sit Quietly In All The Gaits

In the “Sit Quietly” module, learn #1 secret to a flowing seat to enjoy excellence in your riding for higher higher scores and faster times.

Discover Your Best Riding Friend You Didn’t Even Know You Had

In the “Your Best Riding Friend” module, eliminate gripping and tension so you can finally enjoy a deep, balanced seat and long leg in the arena or on the trail.T

The Sweet Spot: Create A Positive Cycle Of Balance and Relaxation For Endless Confidence

In the “Positive Cycle of Balance and Relaxation” you’ll learn the "Relaxed Action" technique so you can head to the barn with confidence knowing your horse is happy that you are his rider.This program has 8 modules and each includes:

This program has 8 modules and each includes:

  • 1 live class
  • 4 unmounted sessions
  • 1 mounted session
  • Lifetime access to all recordings and materials so you can go through it at your own pace

Value: $997

Bonus #2 - 3 Private 1-on-1 Effortless Ride Breakthrough Sessions with Heather

During these powerful sessions, we will...

  • Discover your biggest trigger for tension and anxiety and get a personalized step-by-step plan to turn that around so you can move forward in your riding
  • Create 3 customized unmounted lessons to transform awkwardness and instability into flow and balance so you can get 3 times more out of every ride
  • Look at any pain you have, and develop a plan to move you out of it once and for all
  • Clarify what your biggest riding challenge is, and get the action steps to leave it behind and develop the riding skill you would most like to develop next
  • And much, much more...

Book your sessions anytime during 2018, and get a downloadable recording of each so you have them in your library of valuable resources forever.

Value: $750

The Flowing Rider Program Value: $2994

Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program: $997

Private 1-on-1 Effortless Ride Breakthrough Sessions: $750

Total Value: $4,741

Your investment today is just...

One payment of $1497

OR 6 payments of $269!

Full Payment $1497

Payment Plan 6 x $269

Your Flowing Rider
Money Back & Satisfaction Guarantee

“This program is specifically designed to help you bring ease and flow into your body and into the saddle. If you fully participate in the program, take the action necessary and complete your coursework and still don’t feel like this was the best use of your investment that at the end of 90 days, we’ll happily return 100% of your money. All you have to do is show us your completed coursework and we’ll promptly send you a refund.”

“If, having done the coursework, you made good-faith effort to contact us with any questions about the content or program, and you do not receive an answer from us in a timely manner, we’ll happily return 100% of your money. This is a 365 day guarantee.”

Full Payment Only $1497

Payment Plan 6 x $269

As I mentioned already, this Program is extremely powerful. Even more so right now because this is the first time and perhaps the last time I will offer this Flowing Rider Program live. You can come to the live calls and ask me any question, I’ll work with you live to help you around creating fluidity and taking it into the saddle with you, and anything else that comes up for you while we’re working together over the course of the next 12 months.

This is a rare opportunity, it is the only program available in the world to teach you fluidity in riding, and it may not come around again for a very long time, if ever again. We begin in January.

The Flowing Rider Program Value: $2994

Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program: $997

Private 1-on-1 Effortless Ride Breakthrough Sessions: $750

Total Value: $4,741

Your investment today is just...

One payment of $1497

OR 6 payments of $269!

Full Payment $1497

Payment Plan 6 x $269

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You live by the motto “No pain, no gain”
  • The only thing that matters to you is the color of the ribbon
  • You equate struggle and effort with being a devoted rider
  • You’re fine with mechanical riding, and have no interest in developing refinement
  • You blame your horse for your riding struggles and the poor quality of your rides
  • You don’t mind the stiffness and soreness that has come to you over time
  • You’re happy to wait years to see if you might finally develop fluidity
  • The hit or miss, good day, bad day cycle in your riding doesn’t frustrate you
  • You don’t see a connection between riding nicely and your horse’s mental and physical health
  • You do quick fixes over and over again with devotion, and are fine that any change disappears the moment you think about something else

This program IS for you if:

  • You want the brain-body connection for effortless riding
  • You’re looking for efficient, effective learning curves, not shortcuts or gimmicks
  • You want to say goodbye to aches and pains, and have your body feeling great everyday
  • You want to ride in a way that feels great to your horse, and allows him be a willing partner to you
  • You are open to releasing self-criticism and judgement and give yourself permission to treat yourself kindly
  • You are willing to pay close attention to detail so you can discover the little differences that make the biggest differences
  • You love to compete, but are not getting the scores you know you are capable of no matter how many lessons you take
  • You want to replace effort, grit and determination with a rich and rewarding learning experience
  • You value feel and timing as tools for a loving connection to your horse
  • Your riding is a personal journey, and you want the satisfaction of fully developing your skills for the highest level of elegance in your riding

Frankly, if that’s you, I want you in the program. You are my kind of woman and you’ll be an amazing addition to the group. The bonds and friendship you create inside the program will last a lifetime. When you ready, click the payment option that works best for you and let’s get you in the group!

The Flowing Rider Program Value: $2994

Balance, Calm and Fluidity Program: $997

Private 1-on-1 Effortless Ride Breakthrough Sessions: $750

Total Value: $4,741

Your investment today is just...one payment of $1497 OR 6 payments of $269!

Full Payment $1497

Payment Plan 6 x $269

If you’re really serious about balance, calm and fluidity in your riding, and becoming a skilled rider that your horse can look to with trust, and you don’t want to look back in a year and think “Gosh, I wish I had taken a chance last December when I almost registered for The Flowing Rider Program...I can’t do this stiff, jerky, working hard and not getting anywhere thing anymore...I’m just so frustrated.” The time is now. What would you think about you if you hadn’t made this change?

I want for you what you want for you. If riding with complete ease and flow in all the gaits is what you want, I encourage you to join me inside The Flowing Rider Program. We’ll go through the steps together.

I look forward to getting to knowing more about you and supporting you along this beautiful, amazing journey.




What is my time commitment to be part of the “Flowing Rider Program?”

Your time investment for 2018 is 27 hours...

  • 2 hours per month. This allows you to fully participate in each of the 24 masterclasses.
  • 3 hours (3, 1 hour sessions) over the year for your 1-1 private sessions with Heather.

Other time investment… it’s up to you...

  • You can watch the masterclass recording as often as you want to over 2018.
  • You have lifetime access to the recordings of your private session with Heather to revisit whenever you want to.
  • You have lifetime access to your bonus program “Balance, Calm and Fluidity” to go through at your own pace.

What if I can’t come to the live classes?

No worries, you have unlimited access to all of The Flowing Rider masterclass recordings and your sessions with me through 2018.PLUS, you have lifetime access to all of the Balance, Calm and Fluidity bonus program.I

I’m dealing with pain from arthritis...I’m not flexible...I’m not in shape...can I really do The Flowing Rider Program?YES! In fact, this program is perfect for you because it will bring you the best functioning possible for your situation, and may very possibly get rid of you pain entirely - I can say this because it has for dozens upon dozens of women riders just like you!

I have knee replacement, hip replacement, various plates and screws...can The Flowing Rider Program really help me?

YES! Bring your hardware because many, many riders before you already have. You will walk away with the best possible outcome of mobility and stability from the program. Below you can read about Judi Qualls, who had ankle replacement, and hear what she gained from working with me.

What can I expect once I sign up?

You’ll receive an email from me with all the details for your Flowing Rider Program...the masterclass schedule, the links to join the classes in person, how to access the recordings and class materials, how to schedule your private sessions with me, join our private Facebook group...all the juicy stuff.

You’ll also receive a second email from Active Membership 360 to provide you with your login credentials.From there, all you have to do is enjoy your classes and what your horse has to say about the new you!

Will this be offered live again?

I am not planning at this time to ever offer this live again.

“I do NOT ride crooked anymore!”
“Before I starting working with Heather, I was dealing with an old ankle injury and the surgery that came with that. I have done physical therapy, but I was still weak, and rode crooked in my saddle.

Then, immediately after the first class I could feel a difference. My balance and confidence in the saddle started improving right away. Heather’s classes have improved my ride tremendously, I do not ride crooked anymore, I even walk more balanced. Thank you, Heather!”

~Jeana Morrison-Noel, Moccasin, Montana

"I got my first 'flowing, forward and round!'"
“Before I worked with Heather I struggled with imbalances and tension, not sitting evenly, holding my breath and unsteady contact. None of the instructors or courses I took helped me. I felt overwhelmed because I was on a vicious cycle of tension with my horse.

Shortly after Heather’s program began, I was able to makes the changes I want in my riding, and that has resulted in me being a more consistent rider. I also received my highest marks yet winning a first and fourth place.

Now, I’m enjoying my riding again, my lessons are happier and more productive for my horse, and judge’s comment now include 'flowing,' and 'forward and round!' Thank you, Heather!” 

~Angela Wilson, Bolton, England

"I was so surprised with how quickly my riding changed!"
"Before I started Heather’s program I was dealing with several horse-related injuries, an ankle replacement, and some fear issues around cantering. I have a wonderful horse who takes such good care of me and I knew my issues were with me and not her.

My instructor would tell me that being relaxed was my biggest problem, and I would try so hard to be that way without much success, and would get so discouraged.

When Heather offered a balanced and relaxed course I decided to try it and see if I could find some help. I discovered that there so many places to hold tension in your body, some I just never realized.

At first I was skeptical of some of the exercises. I thought they’d never work, but they did!

The changes in my riding happened quickly, and my instructor was so thrilled I was being more centered in my saddle and that my hands were getting more quiet. I found myself not worrying so much and instead I could focus on where I was holding tension and release it.

I just did an obstacle competition and it was so great to just stop at each place and know exactly how my weight was balanced in my seat, where my legs were, my feet in the stirrups and where my hands were. We got great scores!And I never felt rushed. I plan to ride a lot this spring and summer and will be listening to my mounted sessions as I go along in my riding. Thank you, Heather!"

~Judi Qualls

"My back wasn't hurting!!"
“Before working with Heather, I was not confident and had not been brave enough to canter at that time, felt stiff and wasn’t moving with my horse at all unless I forced it, and I had a lot of back pain.

After one class with with Heather my back wasn't hurting, and rarely bothers me now.

And, much to my surprise, after a couple of weeks into the course, I melted into the saddle, moved with my horse and felt better than I ever remember in the saddle. It just happened. No thinking about it, or straining to do it.

Then after the class I went on a trail ride. Not only did my horse break into a trot, but he cantered and jumped up a river bank. I was able to go with him every step of the way and felt confident in doing so. I can't wait to get back up on my own horses. I highly recommend Heather's classes as a way to improve your riding, even if you aren't riding at the time. Thank you Heather!”

Lana Tyler, Greeley, Colorado

"I have greater self-confidence and my horses are happy..."
“Before working with Heather all the effort I put into my riding left me tense with labored breathing which made my horse stiff and unresponsive. Her program gave me so much insight into myself, my body and my mind, and through it I have improved my body awareness, and the difference in the way I ride is glorious. I have greater self-confidence, and my horses are happy and much more connected with me and vice versa. This is the most fantastic course I have had the privilege to be part of. I cannot thank Heather enough for sharing her knowledge and expertise.” 

~Ann Evan, Isle of Mull, Scotland


"I'm cantering happily and making steady progress!"
"Before I started working with Heather, I was held back in my riding from tension trying to hold myself in place,holding my breath, and a fear of falling. I was taking lessons with excellent instructors, riding regularly,working on my physical fitness, particularly my core, but the improvements were minimal, at best.

Since I've been working with Heather, recognize how I've been fighting myself and not even knowing it, and Now, I’m cantering happily and a lovely circle!!!! I LOVE it! Also, I have rediscover balance and relaxation in the saddle, and with it, my joy of riding. My new accomplishments bring respect to my horse’s body and mind, and we are now making steady progress together. Heather has helped me in a way no riding instructor ever has! Thank You Heather!" 

~Marlene Lyons, Round Hill, Virginia

"After just a few weeks I was able to sit the trot with a deep balanced seat!"

"Before working with Heather, the judge’s comment was: “The basics of rhythm, relaxation, and contact are lacking.”I realized that I needed to address my inability to relax in the saddle, before I could fix the other issues. Then Heather taught me how effortless movement is found and applied to my riding. After just a few weeks I rode for the same judge, and was able to sit the trot with a deep balanced seat! That allowed me to focus on developing a more supple connection over a rounder topline. Thank you Heather for helping me relax in the saddle and enjoy every ride!"

~Kym Watkin-Statham, Birmingham, Alabama

Your Flowing Rider
Money Back & Satisfaction Guarantee

“This program is specifically designed to help you bring ease and flow into your body and into the saddle. If you fully participate in the program, take the action necessary and complete your coursework and still don’t feel like this was the best use of your investment that at the end of 90 days, we’ll happily return 100% of your money. All you have to do is show us your completed coursework and we’ll promptly send you a refund.”

“If, having done the coursework, you made good-faith effort to contact us with any questions about the content or program, and you do not receive an answer from us in a timely manner, we’ll happily return 100% of your money. This is a 365 day guarantee.”

Full Payment Only $1497

Payment Plan 6 x $269