Ready to melt into the stirrups and melt aches & pains - at the same time - but don’t know how?

(Hint: It's not an either/or.)

Even Stirrups© is a quick online riding workshop to help you get even quicker evenly weighted stirrups while melting your aches & pains. Simultaneously.

Ditch “Trying Hard.'’
Try Even Stirrups©!


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I’m sharing exactly what I know from experience in my own riding…

By dreaming big, but circling back to a riding basic… 

By beginning with even stirrups©, then applying it to my more advanced riding later…

I was able to build the high-quality,  consistent, confidence-building progress I have today. 

This Even Stirrups© workshop is essentially five years in the making…

But it’ll only take you five days to implement.<img draggable=

And after welcoming 100’s of women riders of all disciplines, breeds and backgrounds, we want to welcome you, too!

Ready for quick stirrup balance and a more supple, cooperative body in the process?

(OF COURSE you are!)

Reveal your Even Stirrups© today!

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So… why even stirrups?
And what even is even stirrups?

Hi, I’m Heather Beachum!

I’m a Feldenkrais® practitioner and riding mentor as well as a three-decade rider, and I’ve worked with hundreds of women riders in dozens of countries across the world, helping them restore coordination and ease to their body and apply it to their riding through movement education. 

The idea for this Even Stirrups© workshop came to me in the form of a question I asked myself recently…

With SO much involved in riding, I know many of my students are struggling because they know in their head they want to be evenly weighted in the stirrups, but their bodies don’t cooperate … or their bodies are dramatically different from 10 years ago …

And let’s be real: Zero-return strategies like “trying hard” often make everything worse. With force and white noise rather than functional body freedom, far too few rides end with a happy horse and rider.

Basically, we could all use being melted in the stirrups right now, and we could all benefit from a process that can also help us bring TLC and mobility into our joints and muscles, whether we’re just getting back into the saddle or we’ve been at it for a while.

So I asked myself two questions:

‘How can I help women riders melt into the stirrups faster and more effectively - and - how can I help them melt aches & pains in their bodies… say have longer legs in 5 days or less… especially right now, when so many women riders realize there’s no more waiting, their time to ride *is* now?’

… I didn’t ask ‘How can I help them sit quietly in all the gaits?’  That can take a few months.

… I didn’t ask ‘How can I help them ride round circles in each direction?’ That can take a few weeks.


I asked ‘How can I help women melt evenly into the stirrups and restore the most ease in her joints and muscles and in the shortest amount of time?’

I mulled it over, then I circled back to what I know best…

A process I’ve been using for YEARS…

A process to quickly get an even weight distribution in the stirrups that is push-proof (and pain-proof) so a rider — any type of rider — can pivot and progress.


REALLY fast.

Like, less-than-five-days-and-then-it’s-DONE kinda fast.

The process I teach inside Even Stirrups© is the same one I used to rewrite my riding journey 12 years ago when I had zero evenness in the stirrups, zero ease in my joints and zero plan.

It’s the same process I used to have evenly weighted stirrups and long, draped legs not in 5 years… but in 5 days!

(Which paved my riding journey to the high-quality, consistent, confidence-building progress I have today.)

It’s the same process many well-known riders use naturally every.moment.of.every.ride but don’t know how to teach…

And it’s the same process I’ve now taught to 100’s of women riders around the world.

Now I want to teach it to YOU.

It’s my pleasure?

“Ok, but… what is even stirrups?”

Even Stirrups© is a specific type of movement method – an easy to do, quick result, movement recalibration – that your legs & spine lengthen with ease to evenly weight your stirrup & remedy your aches & pains simultaneously.

In the Even Stirrups© workshop, we turn the concept of “trying hard” on its head and teach you our proven process for creating what we call your full riding potential, that feels great to you and to your horse.

Best of all, Even Stirrups© allows you to create a progress gateway in your riding, so you can start where you are right now — through a no-force, quick-result method, and take your riding to new levels of skill, balance and elegance.

Want specific examples of actual Even Stirrups©?

Keep reading - we have those below!

So, what’s in it for you?

The Even Stirrups© process works for any type of rider - English or Western, pleasure or competition-based, lots or little ride time, cooperative or creaky body.

If you’re tired of these slow progress, low ability, force and white noise strategies that tell you to push into that stirrup before you even have any ease into your joints and muscles, then Even Stirrups© is for you. 

If you’re ready to ditch trying hard and start experiencing real leg length & ease, then Even Stirrups© is for you.

If you’re gearing up for the next level tests, courses & movements, but don’t know how to stop losing the one stirrup or gripping with your legs, then Even Stirrups© is for you.

Heck, if you want or need a quick tune up on your riding ability, then Even Stirrups© is for you!

Inside the Even Stirrups© workshop, I share:

  • How to find the source of your riding ability to melt into the stirrups & create a supple, cooperative body (Hint: it’s the same place)
  • How to access the power of that source so the legs lengthen gracefully into the stirrups.
  • How to confidently bring this this freedom of legs and spine into your lessons or riding on your own for steady, high-quality progress.
  • How to continue improving your ride while staying safe in the saddle if you aren’t riding much or at all.
  • How to use your evenly weighted stirrups to connect with your horse who NEEDS your Even Stirrups©, even if you have zero experience or confidence.

…Complete with the roadmap, guidebook, FLOWchart and checklist you need to make this fast and easy for you (and your horse)!


Creating a ride that you already know will be successful because your body just knows what to do… 

And melting into the stirrups… while simultaneously melting your aches & pains…

That’s what even stirrups© did for my riding and body.

That’s the difference between using trying hard to fill your ride with force and white noise…

Versus using even stirrups© to fill your ride with a cooperative, functional body freedom. 

(In my case, it’s the high-quality, consistent, confidence-building progress difference.)

Inside Even Stirrups©, I’m going back to the beginnings of my adult riding. 

I’m sharing with you the process I’ve never shared in any of my other courses or programs.

And I’m sharing the goods right now because I don’t want your riding to simply exist…

I want it to excel

And it 100% can…

If you pivot for progress with Even Stirrups©. 


Or you…

Just join today. ?

Get Even Even Stirrups© today...


Now only $47!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Here's what you will learn inside Even Stirrups©

How to create a cooperative body for even stirrups©. Using the simple “Do Less To A.C.H.I.E.V.E. More” Process your legs, joints & muscles won’t be able to resist restoring ease and ability. Just this alone is worth the entire cost of Even Stirrups©!

Most importantly, you don’t need to show up with ease & coordination first – we help you with ALL of that.

How to melt into the stirrups naturally (and open the gateway to more advanced riding) in just 5 days (or less) using the ‘rider you admire strategy’ and your even stirrups© as the ‘mounting block’ to your full riding potential.  

Truly, your even stirrups© can be a gateway to everything else your riding has to offer!

The 3-Phase Movement Process for even stirrups© – you’ll feel how good support from your feet and legs frees your spine to lengthen & release so you can access the power of your pelvis for mobility and stability.  You’ll explore many possibilities of how to free your hips and find the dynamic stability in your pelvis and spine that is key for the legs to lengthen gracefully into the stirrups, an essential element to all high quality riding.  

No special equipment needed.  No sweat happens.  No force used. No fitness level required. 

No fancy riding skills needed.  

Come just as you are right now<img role=

We’ve got you covered with all the evenly weighted stirrups & joint and muscle ease know-how you need.

How to begin to ‘move with your horse’ with even stirrups© and irresistible ease in your joints & muscles to make it a no-force deal for your horse, even if you think your horse ‘isn’t listening to you right now.’

(Hint:  He definitely is.)

Develop a super-simple riding plan to confidently bring even stirrups© into your lessons or riding on your own.  Are you hearing the same thing over and over again-averse?  Good!  You definitely need Even Stirrups© then!

How to apply even stirrups© to improve your riding between barn visits – even if those visits are few and far between.  No barn in the backyard, no problem. 

How to leverage the know-how you gain in your even stirrups© to advance your riding skills through all of your other riding activities.  After all, with your even stirrups©, you create a gateway to high-quality,  consistent, confidence-building progress – Yes, please!

And did I mention that you can ride with even stirrups© in less than a week?

Yes.  This process is fast.

Melt into the stirrups? Yup.

Melt aches & pains? Yes.

Longer graceful legs for life? Indeed.

And a proven strategy to make it yours in 5 days or less?  Yup. Yes. Indeed.

You don’t need tons of time to make this happen.

Actually, ‘tons of time’ is the opposite of what we do here.

The heart and soul of Even Stirrups© is speed and simplicity.

And naturally, success.

Because of that, I’ve designed this quick workshop so you have an easy-to-follow, 20 minutes a day, five days in a row solution (though you could go through the whole thing in an afternoon, that’s fine too!).

So even if you only have 20 minutes in the evening after dinner and the dishes are done…

Or a half hour here and there while you’re working or running errands…

(Or both…)

You can create your even stirrups© and find success. Fast.

Get Even Stirrups©



Now only $47!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Who is Even Stirrups© for?

Even Stirrups© is right for any --yes, any type of rider.

Whether you ride English or Western, for pleasure or competition, lots or little ride time, have a cooperative or creaky body, Even Stirrups© is for you.

Gold Medal Riders

Creating and riding with even stirrups© is a powerful way to restore coordination and ease to your body so you melt into the stirrups, without any need for more fitness or trying harder.

In fact, you can create confidence-building skills with even stirrups© in lessons, competitions or a personal best ride, knowing you are also giving your horse what he needs to be happy.

What’s not to love?

Safety Riders

By ‘keeping both feet in the stirrups’ with functional body freedom, you’ll get a ride where it is far more likely (and enjoyable) to stay safely in the saddle. 

And with the HEELS Down Discovery, you can actually bring finesse to your ride after a short training.  Truly, even stirrups© can seriously increase your safety no matter what kind of saddle you use.

Given-up Riders

Regardless of your riding aspirations or where you ride, riding is a passion, but might be unavowed with thoughts of ‘What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do this? I try so hard.’  

But with even stirrups© you pivot for progress, start with a clean slate and have everything you learn translate immediately into your ride by restoring body cooperation and ease with even stirrups© first.

Just because the years have taken a toll on your body doesn’t mean you should stop believing in your ability to melt into the stirrups.

But… it might mean you go about it differently.

Using different skill sets… in a different approach… or even in a different order.

Even Stirrups© allows you to create a gateway into your riding so you can enjoy high-quality, consistent, confidence-building progress on your horse, regardless of what’s going on with your riding schedule, your discipline or instructors.

‘Whoa… but Equestrian Artists can use Even Stirrups©, too?’



Yes.  That’s what I mentioned above — and I’m true to my word.

Even Stirrups© is GREAT for classical riders.

The real question is why wouldn’t a classical rider create push-proof (and pain-proof) even stirrups©?

There is always room for improvement and, afterall, who wants their ride to exist with forced success…

When you can have a ride that excels as an art form for elegant success.?

What you get when you step into your
Even Stirrups© workshop:

The Rider Success Roadmap…

…to get your even stirrups© in your ride right away without skipping any success building steps. 

The Creaky to Cooperative FLOWchart…

…to create a high-quality ride that feels great to you & your horse.

Do Less To A.C.H.I.E.V.E. More Method…

…my proprietary system for quicker evenly weighted stirrups while delivering TLC to your joints & muscles. Simultaneously. 

3-Phase ‘Even Stirrups©’ Lesson... recalibrate your movement patterns with speed, simplicity and a super-simple riding plan, even if you have zero confidence or fitness.

Clean Slate Start Checklist...

…to take the guesswork out of the even stirrups© creation and consistent progress process.

(That’s a mouth full, but the checklist makes it easy!)

With or Without Horse Riding Session… help you create even stirrups© and dynamic stability in the saddle that frees your spine and lengthens your legs even more, whether your trail riding, jumping, roping a cow, doing a pirouette, etc...

‘Whoa, that’s a whole bunch of stuff for just… $47? Seriously?

Yup.  The Even Stirrups© workshop is worth at least 10 times what I’m charging.

After all, it’ll help you get 10 times more out of every ride — in the short-term and long-term.

BUT my aim here was to make this an easy ‘yes’ price for you, whoever you are, whatever kind of saddle you sit in, because I know women riders need this support NOW.

I don’t want you to make your even stirrups© another ‘Someday I’ll get it’… I want you to get started TODAY.

So I’ve priced it so you don’t have to yo-yo… you can just get it and go!


Hang on… when you say ‘Even Stirrups©, do you mean, like, an actual set of stirrups?

Nope! Better than that.

Even Stirrups© is a simple ‘circle back to basic’ skill building movement education with no strain or force and you can create the improvement in next to no time with next to no fitness or riding skills.

(Actually, you don’t need any fitness or riding skills.)

We’ve got you covered with all the evenly weighted stirrups & joint and muscle ease know-how you need to make this easy and enjoyable.

Best of all, we show you how to take your even stirrups© into the saddle through a simple riding plan & session so you don’t have to be riding right now to find a lovely length to your leg that horses love.

Actually, you can do this all in your living room, no barn needed.

This isn’t about helping you to sit quietly in all the gaits or ride round circles in each direction.


I’m not here to teach you that stuff right now. (We can get to that later.)

Instead, my aim is simple:

I want you to melt evenly into the stirrups in very little time and restore the most ease in your joints and muscles - in the way I know best:

Even Stirrups© 

‘Ok, but will this benefit my unique combination of riding discipline & aches & pains? I need some examples!’

Short answer:

Yup.  Way more than likely!  Your combination may be unique, but your movement patterns probably aren’t, and above all, as long as you ride — horse, pony or mule — the concepts behind Even Stirrups© still apply.

Long answer:

Here are some examples of even stirrups© I’ve seen in action, things like…

…confidence knowing where my weight is in the saddle & my feet are in the stirrups from obstacle course competitors…

…body awareness to be more consistent from dressage riders…

…can’t believe the difference these small movements make from riders who say ‘my body was so messed up’ …

…improved safety and confidence from trail riders…

…’I can do this,’ from previously ‘given-up’ riders & now advanced riders…

…one day to the next improved skill, balance and elegance from movement education & creating even stirrups©

(That last example was me. With this the sky’s the limit!)

But -- AND THIS IS WHAT MATTERS -- this isn’t just any riding workshop…

This process is specific.

This isn’t about just any riding workshop at any low price.

This isn’t haphazard.

This isn’t about luck.

It’s way better than that.

The Even Stirrups© structure shows you exactly how to:

  • Restore functional body freedom in your joints and muscles & melt into the stirrups in the form of movement education
  • Bring this into the saddle for an easy and clear YES from both your horse and instructors
  • Apply this confidently, whether you ride at home or away
  • Let riding be fun again as your ride goes from good-day bad-day to consistent progress without missing a beat
  • Leverage your even stirrups© (in the future) to improve your riding as a whole (AKA sit quietly in ALL the gaits)

I’ve baled this together into a quick workshop and 5-day framework that you can complete and implement in 5 days--or less.

And true to my word:

I’ve put this at an easy ‘yes’ price for you so you don’t have to ride the fence for days or even hours….

Why? Because I don’t want you to delay riding with even stirrups© for days or even hours.

Your riding needed this...yesterday. is the perfect day to stop riding the fence and start riding your horse with even stirrups©.

Lock in this low price
today. The price will be going up soon!

Get Even Stirrups© today?


Now only $47!

Why the urgency, Heather?

Here’s the thing:

This is not ‘typical riding instruction’

This is a highly unique process. 

Even with a million riding lessons, you won’t receive the movement education that addresses the needs of a mature woman rider.

You may have waited a long time to ride again, devoting your middle years to family and work, and no woman rider goes without the ‘wake up call’ when she swings her leg over that first time… ‘I’m no longer the rider of my youth, but rather a mature woman in a very different body.


But here are a few things that are certain:

You are still riding.

You still have inside you the rider you imagine yourself to be.

You still have the same problems you had when you first got back in the saddle as an adult.  

These problems still need solutions, a body that just knows what to do.

And while you may or may not be riding lots or at all…

You may feel ready to pivot for a simpler solution so your riding can excel - and even become excellent - in the remaining decades you have left to ride.  While also bringing TLC & flow to your joints, muscles and skill, and creating a gateway to high-quality progress.

And if that’s where you are, I’d love to help you.

Your Even Stirrups© can be in addition to -- or instead of -- your usual self care & riding formats.

You don’t need to ditch your current saddle or instructor.  

And you certainly don’t need to stop wellness practices.

After all, equipement, the horse world and wellness are all part of the riding experience.

Trying hard isn’t elegant.

WE are elegant.

And it only works when ineffective movement patterns get ironed out.

So, why not create even stirrups© that keeps the cycle of success, safety and elegance going?

A simple ‘circle back to basic’ that your horse loves and builds self-trust in your ability to learn quickly and with quality at a low price point...

(...if you use my proven framework…)

That you can later leverage to advance every aspect of your riding?

That’s exactly what we’re doing inside Even Stirrups©.

Curious? Ready to get started? Or at least ready to hear about the next steps?



Get your online copy of Even Stirrups© here.


Check your inbox for your login so you can jump in and get started today!


Follow the 5-Day framework to create your even stirrups© fast.


Take it to the saddle using our super-simple session & riding plan (no trying hard needed!).

Your ready for


Now only $47!

Get it at this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

You don’t need fitness, stretching, special equipment, fancy riding skills or even a horse to make this happen.

You just need The Even Stirrups© Strategy.

We’ll help you restore length and release into your legs, spine and pelvis, feel for the balance of weight in the stirrups, take this onto your horse, begin to move with your horse and have a plan to advance your riding.

In 5 days or less.

Your riding needs this.  Your horse deserves this.

(OK, he needs it, too).

You’re ready to add a basic skill building strategy to your riding.

(After all, the rider’s we admire have this skill down pat… so let’s get on it!) ?

You are more than ready to have simplicity and consistency in your riding.

You’re over your riding having to depend on trying hard… and you suspect the time to pivot is now.

If you’re ready to pivot for progress…

You’re ready for Even Stirrups©

FAQs About Even Stirrups©

What if I’m out of shape. Can I do this workshop?

Yes. All the movements are done slowly and with attention to ease, comfort and enjoyment.  You don’t have to be particularly flexible or strong to start though it’s especially important to listen to your body and not push beyond your limits.

What if I find the 3-Phase ‘Even Stirrups©’ Lesson... too hard?

I suggest modifications so you can find ease.  Should you redo the lesson, you may find that somehow, amazingly so, you are able to do all of the modifications with ease?

What if I find the 3-Phase ‘Even Stirrups©’ Lesson... too easy?

There is always room for improvement! You can learn to do what you already do well with less effort and more flow so that you have energy left. These movement lessons & strategy are based on the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais – many artists, sportsmen and performers use Feldenkrais® to drastically improve their performance.

Is there a cardiovascular component?

No.  As opposed to traditional fitness, think of this as a restoration process – restore coordination AND ease into your body AND apply this in the saddle with presence and connection to your horse.

What if I have knee or hip replacements?

No worries.  Many, many ladies have gone through this workshop with ease and joy because I suggest modification to the movements so that they’re easily do-able. Yet, if you’ve had surgery recently, you need to consult your medical team.

Can I buy this, try this, then ask for a refund?

Due to the online nature of Even Stirrups© — and the fact that you could go through it in an afternoon — we do not offer refunds.

The reality?  Once you complete and implement Even Stirrups© (and take it onto your horse), you’ll be thinking a different thought.. Tell my friends about it.

What equipment do I need to do Even Stirrups©?

You need a computer, a bit of floor and a rug or mat to lie on & comfortable clothing.

When does this start? When do I get access to everything?

It starts as soon as you join!  This is a self-paced, instant access, quick workshop, so all you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything delivered straight to your inbox within about 15 minutes.

So you can start today!  Or tomorrow!  Or next week! Or next year! (Though my vote, and I’ll bet your horse’s vote too, is for starting s.o.o.n.e.r. rather than later!

What if I have zero evenness and zero ease in my joints?

Totally fine!  You don’t need those things to have success with this strategy.  Truly. I improved my riding 10x in a few short days with even stirrups© , and I had zero evenness, zero ease of any kind in my body.  You don’t need those things to get started.

You just need to … start!

(And of course, join Even Stirrups© …here.)

How do I join the Even Stirrups© workshop?

A good question with an easy answer: Click here to join Even Stirrups© today!

This workshop is 5 years in the making…

But it’ll only take you 5 seconds to join and about 5 days to implement!

Create your Even Stirrups© today and give your ride a length and ease in your body - and start to move with your horse -- it needs.

Get Even Stirrups©



Now only $47!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Even Stirrups©

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