Discover How Balance, Calm And Fluidity Can Be Yours Every Ride!

Balance, Calm & Fluidity Riding Workshop
Exclusive Riding Workshop for Mature Women Riders

Join this FREE workshop to…

  • Discover what keeps you imbalanced and experience how you can find your center without strain or frustration.
  • Demystify calm and learn the key to create and restore calm (even after a spook).
  • Find out the source of tension and how to ‘feel’ your way to an effective ease on your horse with this simple presentation and movement lesson.
  • Discover how fluidity can happen even with your aging body, and watch these 2 short videos to learn how this is connected to balance and calm.
  • Gain the steps to confidently share your workshop takeaways with your horse on your very next ride…

If you’d like to progress with enjoyment, this workshop will bring you immediate and valuable skills.

Because no matter how long you’ve been frustrated or how many injuries and compensations you’re dealing with, you have the ability to ride as well as you want to or as well as you can with your personal situation.

Reserve your spot!  See you there:)

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About The Presenter

I'm Heather Beachum

... together with my warmblood and two P.R.E. youngsters.

I’ve been supporting women riders online since 2014, one of the first handful to reach out to women riders in this way… 

‘So, you want to teach how to ride a horse with balance, calm and fluidity online with no horse?’ Yup.’

Everybody thought I was nuts.

But I never doubted this idea because having returned to riding as an adult, only to get a rude awakening about how tense and crooked I had become, I was able to help myself at home with no horse using my skills as Feldenkrais?  teacher (4 years of training to be a movement specialist).

I’m also always a student.  Learning from masters, taking in everything I can about riding and horsemanship.

While I’ll never know everything, I contribute to a woman rider's passion for riding through my online courses where riders learn how to move their bodies with an effective ease they never imagined, and

How to apply this to riding skills such as balancing over and following the dynamic movement of the horse so they develop a ‘feel’ for their horse in a way that feels great to their horse.

The added bonus…as their abilities grow, their confidence grows too:)

So here we are…