Heather Beachum presents...
The Balance-Relaxation Cycle Workshop

“Is It Really Possible To
Be Relaxed & Effective, At The Same Time…?”

Yes! And You’re About To Discover HOW, Step-by-Step, All While Letting Go Of Unwanted Overthinking And Tension

Why is it that some riders naturally ride relaxed in the saddle while other riders struggle for years and years with tension and imbalance-- and even worse hold tight to “someday I’ll get it”??

If you’ve ever wanted to be relaxed and balanced on your horse, but find it impossible to achieve consistently, this will be the most important letter you ever read.

I’m going to share with you exactly what’s keeping you stuck in a negative cycle of tension and unbalance… how to eliminate counter-productive riding habits, find the “sweet spot” that reliably offers you an amazing ride and your horse a considerate and effective feel, and confidently take your improvements right into the saddle with you, but before I do, there are a few important questions for you to answer…

  • Have you read tons of books that talk about relaxation?
  • Do you already appreciate the MAJOR ROLE relaxation plays in riding?
  • When you try to relax, do you ever feel like you’re going to fall off?
  • How much time have you spent with trainers and in clinics trying to “nail this thing down”... only to come out frustrated and discouraged because they all say the same thing… and nothing ever changes?
  • Do you admire riders who elegantly move with their horse (and maybe even envy them a little)?
  • Would you like to effortlessly get 3x more out of every ride?
  • And stop “getting in your horse’s way”?
  • Are you ready to finally ride with balance and relaxation… free from tension and overthinking… completely in the moment with your horse?

How To Be A Relaxed, Effective Rider
Without Years and Years of Practice

Hi! I’m Heather Beachum, I’m a lifelong rider and a movement specialist for women riders. Over the years, I’ve supported hundreds of women to ride with ease and effectiveness. And it kind of all happened by accident…

Like most lady riders getting back in the saddle as an adult, I thought I was going to jump right back on the horse as the girl of my youth. But boy, was I wrong! After surgeries and injuries and working behind a desk, my body was surprisingly not as nimble as I was as a girl. BUT...

I still had a deep desire to ride well! So, I did what I knew how to do. I tried harder and harder and harder. I didn’t realize it, but what I was doing was trying to think my way out of tension. Which, you can imagine, totally backfired! I ended up in a terrible love-hate relationship between tension and overthinking...

“I LOVE riding… but I HATE the frustration of not getting anywhere!”

It was a recipe for disaster!

It wasn’t until my 4 years of Feldenkrais® practitioner training that I realized that all of the tension, imbalance, frustration and overthinking we experience as riders is NOT normal.

See, everyone thinks it’s normal --they even expect and accept it -- but I’m telling you it is NOT!

Tension and Imbalance are the
primary culprits keeping riders from
balance, calm and confidence

And most instructors will tell the complete opposite.

They’ll tell you balance, calm and confidence only comes with more time, more effort and more practice. That you have to keep going at it, again and again. And sometimes it feels like we need an extra 50 years to get there… Uugghhh!!

But let’s face the facts… we aren’t getting any younger!

So, how can we be relaxed, balanced, effective riders NOW?

With over 12 years of experience now under my belt, I can confidently tell you, that ANYONE can learn balance and relaxation in a matter of hours, NOT years.


Balance and relaxation are skills. Not rare talents or only for the lucky few.

They are skills that anyone can learn and apply immediately to their riding.

You Can Spend Years Reading Or Studying Balance & Relaxation… But You Will Not Know HOW To Have It With These (Or Other) Traditional Riding Techniques

There is a whole world beyond books and lessons when it comes to riding and after struggling for years, I finally discovered a step-by-step system for relaxed balance on your horse.

I went from compulsive, problem-causing tension to relaxed effectiveness!

All of a sudden I had the ability to be fully present with my horse. He was relaxed and swinging through from behind. I was amazed! Had I really just discovered the secret to every woman’s riding dream?!

And people started to notice…

Other riders and instructors were stunned by my “breakthrough,” and wanted to know who I was riding with. When I told them no one, they all wanted to know what my secret was.

Fast forward to today, I help women all over the world experience this for themselves.

They go from struggle and stress to effortless, automatic balance and relaxation. They get to a place where everything starts to come together. You can feel yourself balanced on your horse. You can feel yourself relax as the struggle leaves your body and a confident, effective, and joyful ride becomes your everyday experience.

And it’s very common for my students to experience a transformation so quickly that even they hardly believe it. Other people notice right away, too. Your horse becomes softer and happier. Everything just turns right around.


“Now my horse is softer, and I get compliments on my seat!”

“Before I started working with Heather I was facing fear, and my body was so messed up.

I noticed a difference the very first session, and it just got better from there as each week is so valuable.

Now my horse is softer, and I get compliments on my seat! I recommend this program even if you don’t have your own horse. Every week you will head to the barn with a new confidence. Thank you, Heather!”

Kathy Bowman, Joseph, Oregon

Kathy Bowman

And now it’s your turn...

I created the “Balance-Relaxation Cycle Workshop” to support women riders to ride with relaxed effectiveness NOW. It’s the only workshop in the world that can do this. And it’s why I am so passionate about helping more women riders, like yourself, to have the ride you want without having to struggle for years ever again.

If you want to master relaxed and engaged riding, I’d like to invite you to The Balance-Relaxation Cycle Workshop.


"Relaxation is just a skill that anyone can learn!"

"I LOVED the workshop!

The effect it had on my balance is so great, I think everyone could benefit from this. Heather's teaching manner is simply lovely, and doing her lessons is so much better than trying to sort it out from a book, etc.

I am very grateful for Heather's skill and expertise in teaching how relaxed balance can happen for all of us. Who knew that relaxation is just a skill that anyone can learn? Thank you, Heather!"

Jaini Clougher


The Balance-Relaxation Cycle Workshop

Welcome to your CLOSE UP LOOK into relaxed, potent riding! You’re about to experience powerful shifts that give you the deep seat you’ve been wanting and the confidence that comes with it!

You’re going to walk away from this workshop with the rare skills of balance and relaxation. You’ll know exactly how to move with your horse and be stable at the same time.

In this powerful training, you’ll discover…

  • Why relaxed riding is a skill (not a talent) that anyone can learn, and how to make it happen no matter how old you are
  • The 3 commonly taught riding strategies that keep you stiff and unstable on your horse… and what to do instead!
  • Learn the "Relaxed Action" technique so you can head to the barn with joy knowing your horse is happy that you are his rider
  • Go from “Someday I’ll get it” to “Today I got it!” with 5 easy activities that’ll have you riding with relaxed balance the next time you get on your horse!

And that's just for starters... here's more…

You’ll also discover…

  • How to create a positive cycle of balance and relaxation for endless confidence
  • The #1 mistake that keeps you overthinking during your rides
  • How to ride with feel and timing
  • Pinpoint where you are in the negative cycle of tension and crookedness, why you get stuck there and how to shift it immediately with ease
  • Develop your brain-body connection to consistently improve your ride
  • You also get the printable Balance-Relaxation Cycle Guidebook that you can keep as an at home, at barn resource
  • And much, much more…

The Balance-Relaxation Cycle Workshop is a 2 hour, pre-recorded class. Once you register you will immediately receive an email granting you LIFETIME ACCESS to your training.

All for just $97!

As I mentioned before, this is an eye opening workshop.

One thing I want to make clear right out of the gate is...

While my Balance-Relaxation Cycle System is great at teaching you the skill of relaxed riding, it is also great at helping you and your horse step out with long, swinging strides.

That's because…

Horses mirror their riders.

The fact is, your horse can only be as relaxed, balanced and flowing as you are. I have many riders that I’ve worked with over the years who struggled to progress in their riding and are now receiving judges comments of forward and round, and other riders now happily cantering on their trail rides!

And riders who work with me often wonder why they weren’t taught this unique way of balance and relaxation before!

So my Balance-Relaxation Cycle System isn’t about quick fixes or short cuts. It’s about helping you truly create an incredible power with a refined touch in the saddle-- for years to come.

It’s helping you create the beautiful brain-body connection for balance and relaxation. You finally communicate softly, clearly and expertly with your horse!


"Relaxation is just a skill that anyone can learn!"

"I LOVED the workshop!

The effect it had on my balance is so great, I think everyone could benefit from this. Heather's teaching manner is simply lovely, and doing her lessons is so much better than trying to sort it out from a book, etc.

I am very grateful for Heather's skill and expertise in teaching how relaxed balance can happen for all of us. Who knew that relaxation is just a skill that anyone can learn? Thank you, Heather!"

Jaini Clougher

“I felt the difference right away!"

“Before working with Heather, I was straining and had to use force if I was going to give to my horse at all.

This workshop opened my eyes! It's informative for sure, but it's way more than that. Heather teaches HOW to relax and balance on the horse, and I felt the difference right away. Amazingly, I discovered that most of the strategies I was doing to be balanced were actually making me more tense, and how ease it is to turn that all around.

Thanks Heather! Now I know I'll get into the saddle with confidence to relax and go with my horse!"

Lana Tyler, Greeley, Colorado

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

If you’re really serious about riding with relaxed balance, and becoming a confident rider, this will be the easiest investment you ever make in your riding.

Seriously, you have nothing to lose except tension and frustration...

By the time you go through this quick 2-hour workshop, you will understand exactly what has been getting in your way of improving with a high level of quality that allows you to enjoy your ride and connect with your horse. And you’ll finally have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to leave this vicious, unproductive cycle of tension behind you, once and for all!

Register now so you can safely head out on the trail and effortlessly master advanced riding skills starting today!

All the best,